Israel: Netanyahu accepts compromise, unblocks crisis

Benyamin Netanyahu, June 14, 2020. Sebastian Scheiner / Pool via REUTERS

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End of the political crisis in Israel. At a press conference, the Israeli prime minister agreed to postpone the vote on the state budget. The threat of a fourth electoral campaign has been ruled out. But for just over three months only.


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem, Michel Paul

A little more than 24 hours from the deadline, the Israeli Prime Minister is slacking off and defusing the crisis which was to lead to new elections. He accepts a compromise which consists in postponing the vote on the budget law for a hundred days. But Benyamin Netanyahu warns his partners in the Blue-White party.

We must put an end to the rampant attacks against me within his government, he said. “  Out of national responsibility I decided this evening to accept the compromise project. It makes it possible to immediately release credits for our compatriots. And for the country's economy. And he also avoids new elections . "

The ultra-Orthodox coalition parties have agreed to support the compromise formula in exchange for large budgets for their religious institutions. The Israeli Prime Minister again assured that the unemployment rate in his country was one of the lowest in the world despite the coronavirus crisis. And he concluded: the time is for union.

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