Xinhua News Agency, Jinan, August 20th. Question: The price of pigs is high, how much money can you earn by raising a pig?

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Ye Jing and Guo Yaru

  According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in July, the price of pork in my country rose by 85.7% year-on-year, raising the consumer price index by about 2.32 percentage points. This makes people wonder: the price of pigs is high, how much money can you earn by raising a pig now?

  In Shandong, Hebei and other provinces, which are big pig breeding provinces, many farmers reported to reporters that compared to the beginning of 2019, pig raising is indeed making money.

  Luqing Breeding Farm is located in Jinan, Shandong. The farm manager Wang Wenlu told reporters that the market for piglets and commercial pigs is different in different places, and the profitability of self-raised and purchased piglets is quite different. The profitability of the two breeding models is "the difference of one piglet's money". Judging from his experience, at present, the per capita profit of self-breeding and self-raising is about 2500 yuan, and the per capita profit of purchased piglets may be less than 1,000 yuan.

  Although they can make money, their lives have not been easy this year.

  First of all, because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic at the beginning of the year, the links that require circulation and transportation such as feed and slaughter were restricted. Many farmers had encountered "live pigs cannot be sold when they should be slaughtered, and they want to prevent the epidemic on time but cannot buy veterinary drugs. But not enough food" and so on. "From the end of March to the beginning of April, a lot of overweight'bottles and pigs' were released for slaughter." Wang Wenlu said.

  In order to achieve biological safety and strict prevention and control of epidemics, many farmers have racked their brains and worked hard. Li Yanjun, the person in charge of Cixian Warwick Breeding Co., Ltd. in Hebei Province, has been engaged in pig breeding for more than 20 years. His breeding mode is called "fortress breeding": "My child lives in a pig farm and stares at him, and he only comes out one or two days a month. , It’s okay to come out. If a worker has to take time off to go out, they will have to be isolated when they come back."

  "Isolated from the world", what should I do when trading? Li Yanjun said that when he had to go out to trade piglets, he would ask the other party to park one kilometer away from the farm, use his own car to pull the piglets to the trading place, unload the car and deliver it.

  "In order to avoid direct contact, I made a 9-meter-long pipeline to connect the two transport vehicles, so that the pigs can walk from the pipeline to the other's vehicle. After the transaction, my own vehicle and the feeder have to pass more Only one cleaning and disinfection can enter the site." Li Yanjun said.

  Disease prevention and control increase the cost of breeding. Take Li Yanjun’s farm as an example. Because of the large investment in health and epidemic prevention, the average cost of raising commercial pigs per kilogram has increased by about 2 yuan.

  Secondly, farmers in Shandong, Hebei and other places reported that due to insufficient supply, the price of piglets continues to be high, and the cost of replenishment remains high. The burden on farmers is not small. According to the monitoring of Shandong Provincial Animal Husbandry General Station, at the end of July, the selling price of 15 kg piglets in Shandong large-scale farms was about 1936 yuan/head. According to the designated monitoring by the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the country’s 500 county fairs, the national average piglet price was 108.32 yuan/kg in the first week of August (collection date was August 5), an increase of 1.1% over the previous week. An increase of 145.1% year-on-year

  Finally, due to factors such as rising prices of raw materials, feed prices have been pushed up, which has led to an increase in breeding costs. Corn and soybean meal are the main raw materials of feed. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the national average price of corn rose from about 2090 yuan/ton in early January to about 2370 yuan/ton at the end of July; statistics from Shandong Provincial Animal Husbandry General Station show that compared with June 15 to June 21, From 27th to August 2nd, the price of soybean meal increased from 3.01 yuan to 3.13 yuan per kilogram.

  "In the last 20 days, the cost of raising a pig has increased by 50 yuan." Wang Wenlu said.

  Although farmers are facing the pressure of health and epidemic prevention and rising costs of breeding, due to the high price of pigs, the current income from breeding is considerable.

  "The increase in pork prices will definitely drive better profit performance in related industries. This can be seen from the financial reports released by several large breeding companies." said Qu Qiang, a researcher at the Greater Bay Area Research Institute of Beijing Foreign Studies University who has been focusing on related fields for a long time.

  A number of interviewed farmers told reporters that the profitability of raising pigs is high, but the risks are not small. If the epidemic prevention is not done well, it may be a waste of water.

  “For our farmers, the market price is stable. Don’t ride the roller coaster with big ups and downs. This is the best state.” Wang Wenlu and many other interviewees believed that the periodic fluctuations in the prices of agricultural products belonged to normal market adjustments. However, the prices of agricultural products are “connected to farmers at one end and citizens at the other end”. It is necessary to find the “balance of interest” between farmers and citizens, reduce price fluctuations, strengthen the construction of market monitoring and early warning systems, and avoid “low prices hurting farmers and high prices” Only with repeated occurrences of "harming the people" can a stable production and supply of agricultural products be realized.