On July 15, Anah lowered the ceiling for thermal insulation of houses from the outside. - IStock / City Presse

A major financial issue that receives particular media attention, the energy renovation of buildings sector attracts a whole bunch of professionals, from the most virtuous to the most dubious. While telephone canvassing is rampant aggressively, the authorities regularly warn users against companies with well-established arguments which, under the guise of financial aid from the State, flout consumer rights and unjustifiably inflate their quotes and perform work that does not comply with current standards.

In August 2019, the Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF) reported numerous complaints received for poor workmanship which may lead to re-insulation work, all at the customer's expense. And it was not the entry into force of MaPrimeRénov 'on January 1, 2020 that changed the situation.

A trimmed package

Since the launch of this aid, which replaces the tax credit, botched projects have multiplied. In order to limit this windfall effect, the National Housing Agency (Anah), in charge of this device, has decided to crack down. While it had already lowered the work ceiling of its renovation assistance program “Living in a better agility” in October 2019, it has just done the same with the assumption of responsibility for thermal insulation from the outside, granted as part of MaPrimeRénov '.

Since July 15, this package has increased to 75 euros per square meter of insulated area for very modest households (against 100 euros previously), and to 60 euros for modest families (against 75 euros before). In addition, in order to avoid overcharging, the eligible area is now limited to 100 m2.


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