Responding to increased production of electric vehicles to increase battery production for Panasonic Tesla 22:39, August 19

Panasonic has decided to increase the production capacity of batteries for the electric vehicle maker "Tesla" in the United States. The aim is to increase the production of electric vehicles by investing over 10 billion yen in a jointly operated factory.

Panasonic operates a battery factory in collaboration with Tesla in Nevada, USA.

Last spring, Tesla's sales volume fell short of expectations, and we were frozen due to strategic differences.

According to a person concerned, the number of Tesla electric vehicles sold recently has been rising, and the decision to make an additional investment in this plant next year in response to the progress of technological development.

The scale of the investment is expected to exceed 10 billion yen, and we plan to increase the number of assembly lines that increase efficiency and increase production capacity by about 10%.

Tesla's model 3, a new sedan, is selling well, and its market capitalization, which represents its corporate value, surpassed Toyota Motor Corporation last month to become the world's top automaker.

It is expected that Panasonic will strengthen its battery production system to increase the production of electric vehicles and increase its profits.