Finance helps the real economy to have more quality and quantity (new data and new perspectives)

  "The funding problem has been resolved, and we are rushing to make progress. We must recapture the losses caused by the epidemic!" In the old revolutionary district of Minxi Liancheng County Zhongshi Electronics Co., Ltd., the general manager Zhang Rengui was very excited to see the workers in full swing.

  Because of the high accuracy and transmittance, the 86-inch capacitive smart touch screen produced by China Touch Electronics Co., Ltd. is particularly suitable for 5G mobile communication applications. This year’s orders have increased significantly. However, due to the impact of the epidemic in the early stage, the company’s capital chain was once tight, and the procurement of raw materials Faced with a problem.

  After understanding the situation, the Liancheng Branch of China Construction Bank customized an exclusive financing plan for the company. "We granted us a credit of 17 million yuan at one time, and an early payment of 5 million yuan, and also enjoyed financial discounts, reducing interest expenditures by more than 4,000 yuan a month." Zhang Rengui said.

  The deposit reserve ratio was lowered three times, the re-loan rediscount limit was increased by 1.8 trillion yuan, and the credit loan support plan for small and micro enterprises was introduced. Since this year, China's monetary policy has continued to exert force. In the first half of the year, RMB loans increased by 12.09 trillion yuan, year-on-year An increase of 2.42 trillion yuan. A steady stream of financial "running water" has given full momentum to economic development.

  The figure of "12.09 trillion yuan" means not only a quantitative increase in credit, but also a qualitative improvement:

  ——The credit structure continues to be optimized, and the real economy has a smooth bloodline.

  A loan of 5 million yuan, two hours of approval, full online processing, and a 50 basis point reduction in interest rates... The “Factoring E-loan” from the Guangdong Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China helped Zhongshan Liansheng Plastic Electrical In half a year, the bank has provided nearly 11 million yuan in credit support to Liansheng.

  "The machine is moving, the production is on the rise, and we have overcome the difficulties!" said Wu Jianyong, the person in charge of Liansheng Company. As an air-conditioning company, the company began to actively stock up and take orders at the beginning of this year. Who knows that it is affected by the epidemic. The tightening of the supply chain and the suspension of production by enterprises are the strong support of the credit policy to help enterprises escape the crisis.

  Since the beginning of this year, the People's Bank of China has continued to optimize its credit structure and guide more credit resources to invest in the real economy such as manufacturing. Data show that in the first half of the year, the new amount of RMB loans issued by financial institutions to the real economy reached the highest level in history; as of the end of May, the balance of mid- and long-term loans to the manufacturing industry was 4.28 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.6%, and the growth rate hit February 2011 High-tech manufacturing mid- and long-term loans increased by 40.9% year-on-year.

  ——Improve the “directness” of the policy and accurately drip irrigation for small and micro enterprises.

  "Seeing that the loan is about to expire, the funds on hand are very tight." In June this year, Mo Xinmin, the head of Henghe Tea Company in Liwan District, Guangzhou City, who had been in tea wholesale business for 11 years, frowned. Expires on June 25.

  At this juncture, two monetary policy tools that directly reach the real economy, the Inclusive Small and Micro Enterprise Loan Extension Support Tool and the Credit Loan Support Program, "come online". Under the guidance of the Guangzhou Branch of the People’s Bank of China, Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank immediately provided assistance The tea shop renewed the loan, and the smile on Mo Xinmin's face returned.

  Focusing on small and micro enterprises, the "directness" of the two new tools has been significantly improved. Data shows that as of July 24, the credit loan support program has supported 1,694 local corporate banks, and has issued 2.07 million inclusive small and micro credit loans to 1.34 million enterprises, with a principal of 162.2 billion yuan. The loan extension policy can cover The principal of inclusive loans for small and micro enterprises is about 7 trillion yuan.

  ——Financial institutions give benefits to the real economy, and the sense of gain for enterprises is significantly enhanced.

  "The loan interest rate dropped directly from 4.3% to 3.8%. The interest can save more than 20,000 yuan in a year, and it has also reduced a number of handling fees." Zhao Renxing, the person in charge of Zhejiang Hangchai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was overjoyed these two days. Agriculture Zhejiang branch of the bank took the initiative to lower the loan interest rate and completed the on-lending procedure within 2 days.

  Throughout this year, financial institutions will give 1.5 trillion yuan in profits through lower interest rates and fee reductions to provide greater support for the real economy to meet challenges and transform and upgrade.

  Yi Gang, governor of the central bank, predicts that RMB loans will increase by nearly 20 trillion yuan this year, and the increase in social financing will exceed 30 trillion yuan.

  Our reporter Wu Qiuyu