Industrial Internet industry grew by 22% last year

  Beijing, August 19 (Reporter Han Xin) The "White Paper on China's Industrial Internet Industry Economics (2020)" released by the China Industrial Internet Research Institute on the 19th shows that the added value of China's industrial Internet industry reached 3.41 trillion yuan in 2019 , The nominal growth rate reached 22.14%, accounting for 3.44% of GDP. It is estimated that this year, the industrial Internet industry will reach 3.78 trillion yuan in added value, becoming an important driving force for high-quality growth of the national economy.

  At present, the industrial Internet is integrated with various fields of the real economy such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, construction, agriculture, etc., which has enabled the new momentum of the real economy to flourish and the process of digital transformation in various industries has accelerated.

  At the same time, the Industrial Internet has become a new driving force for national economic growth. According to the calculation of the "White Paper", in 2017, 2018, and 2019, the proportion of China's industrial Internet industry's added value to GDP was 2.83%, 3.04%, and 3.44%, respectively, and its contribution to national economic growth in 2018 and 2019 was 5.03, respectively. % And 8.70%.