Eat 15 servings of Liangpi, 20 hamburgers, 7 catties of steak...With the rise of short video, live broadcast and other industries, "Eat Broadcast" has become more and more popular on the Internet recently. Cooking, tasting, and sharing food is an important part of a rich food culture. However, some "eating and broadcasting" bloggers overeating in order to earn traffic, not only make food become "hustle and bustle", but also It runs counter to the concepts of healthy eating and food conservation. Many experts said that this kind of "big stomach king"-style curious eating show is undoubtedly a waste of food and misleading consumption.

  For the bloggers of “Eatcast”, the ultimate goal of “Eatcast” is to convert content into income. A "post-90s" blogger said, "If I eat more, I will give a lot of gifts. At the highest time, I can get 2,000 yuan by broadcasting for 3 hours."

  "In addition to being driven by interests, the prevalence of the'big stomach' style of eating and broadcasting reflects a misunderstanding of food." Fan Zhihong, director of the Chinese Nutrition Society and chief expert on science communication hired by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, analyzed that in the past, people only ate for satisfaction. Physical needs, "Now with the rise of short videos and live broadcasts, some people pay more attention to eating and broadcasting shows out of curiosity."

  The biggest problem with "big stomach king" eating and broadcasting is the subversion of the concept of healthy eating. It is understood that some so-called "big stomach kings" are not true. Many bloggers induce vomiting, take laxatives, and then eat after eating. Some bloggers hide part of the content through video editing methods to deceive the audience. At the same time, his body was damaged. Some teenagers even started to imitate this behavior after watching these bloggers' eating and broadcasting.

  A few days ago, the head of the National Cyberspace Administration of China stated at the work deployment meeting that since the special rectification was carried out 2 months ago, various departments have dealt with 158 illegal and illegal live broadcasting platforms, listed and supervised 38 key live broadcasting cases, and urged the platforms to clean up harmful accounts and information. , Ban a batch of illegal network anchors.

  "It is reasonable to be determined to rectify the chaotic phenomenon of eating and broadcasting. Food brings human health and allows us to feel the beauty of life. It is not a tool for fraud, overdrafting the body, and sensationalism." Zhu Yi, an associate professor at the School of Food Science and Technology of China Agricultural University, believes. Crazy eating and unregulated diet of ordinary people waste food and damage health.

  The reporter found that many platforms have recently added corresponding measures to restrict eating and broadcasting behavior. For example, when searching for keywords such as "big stomach king" at station B, the prompt "cherish food, eat reasonably" was added to the first prominent position. Some bloggers’ past food and broadcast content posted on multiple video platforms have also been emptied.

  The relevant person in charge of Douyin said that the platform will immediately punish the food waste according to the level of violation as soon as it is discovered. The Kuaishou platform stated that once a user is found to have overeating, fake eating, vomiting, and excessive eating in publicity, penalties such as deleting the work, shutting down the live broadcast, and banning the account will be imposed based on the severity of the plot. The Weibo platform also calls on users to establish the concept of cherishing food, and at the same time requires all "eat and broadcast" bloggers to work hard to promote the correct concept of food consumption.

  It can be expected that, under precise supervision, the chaos of "big stomach king" eating and broadcasting will be greatly reduced. But what needs to be vigilant is that once the supervision is cooled down, the chaos of eating and broadcasting may still rebound, so it cannot be taken lightly.

  According to statistics, my country wastes 50 billion kilograms of food on the table every year, which is close to one-tenth of the country's total food output. Zhu Yi believes that curbing food waste is a systematic project, which not only requires rigid system constraints, strict system implementation, and strong supervision and inspection, but also requires the whole society to cultivate a sense of conservation, establish a healthy diet concept, and strive to achieve the same phenomenon of food waste. Fight.

  Reporter: Ji Leilei