Accommodation represents on average 69% of a student's expenses. - A.Gelebart

While it is customary to say that knowledge is a student's salary, it does not pay the bills. Especially since they keep swelling. In its annual report, the Unef union estimates that the cost of student living will increase by 3.69% for the coming school year. A finding also made by the Fage.

As every year, accommodation is the main item of expenditure and absorbs on average 69% of the student budget, for an average amount of 535 euros. To this must be added transport, food, medical services, etc. After the controversy over the decrease of 5 euros per month in housing allowances in 2018, the government rebounded, last July, by offering the meal at 1 euro for scholarship students on social criteria. The UNEF report also shows the disparities between metropolitan and overseas students.

Omnipresent now, the coronavirus has also come to put its two cents in student life since masks are now mandatory in universities, which creates an additional cost of 230 euros on average per student. In addition, many students have found themselves deprived of summer jobs or contracts for the year due to the crisis caused by Covid-19. An essential income for a large part of the students.

Are you a student and notice an increase in your fees at the start of the school year? See the bills swelling? Can't pay them all anymore? Are you forced to work to survive? Because of the coronavirus, you couldn't work this summer? Can't find an employment contract for this school year? Testify by filling out the form below.


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