China News Service, August 16th. According to news from the China Consumers Association website on the 16th, the China Consumers Association issued an initiative to consumers on August 16th: Starting from me, advocating conservation is proud, and saying "no" to food waste !

  Lead the new fashion. Diligence and thrift is a virtue passed down from generation to generation in the Chinese nation and an inevitable requirement for practicing socialist core values. A moderate diet is more conducive to your health. Whether eating at home, eating out, taking self-service, ordering takeaway, eating enough is a habit, taking the CD action as a fashion, reasonable diet, rejecting game, no waste, no Comparing, do not show off, and strive to be a practitioner of green consumption.

  Promote positive energy. Food security is related to social well-being. It is everyone's responsibility to cherish food. Whether your relatives and friends, colleagues around you, or strange friends met in the dining place, take the initiative to praise their behavior of saving meals, remind and persuade the phenomenon of extravagance and waste, and strive to be the disseminator of green consumption.

  Just be brave. Supervising bad consumer behavior is the right of consumers, and it is also a heavy social responsibility. Whether it is the misconduct of catering companies, the negligence of supervision by government departments, or the old rules and bad habits of consumers, we must dare to complain, supervise, criticize and correct catering wastes that violate laws and regulations and public order and good customs, and strive to be a supervisor of green consumption. .

  The China Consumers Association calls on the majority of catering companies to improve the quantitative standards of cooking, improve the quality of catering supplies, provide comprehensive, objective and accurate catering information, provide convenience for consumers to order meals and order meals according to their needs, and guide consumers to save and eliminate waste.

  The China Consumers Association calls on local consumer association organizations to take action, innovate work measures, and extensively carry out publicity and education activities for local consumers, and mobilize consumers to start from me and now, to support and encourage compliance with practical actions. Green and eco-friendly dining venues, actively discourage and supervise food waste, and jointly resist "waste on the tongue"!

  The China Consumers Association stated that it is necessary to gather our strengths to stop food and beverage waste, protect food security, and build a green and economical consumption environment that is "shameful waste and proud of saving"!