China News Service, Zhangjiakou, August 15 (Xiao Guangming and Li Yang) At the strawberry seedling breeding base in Shangyi County, Hebei Province, 68-year-old Li Weibin is busy in the strawberry multi-span elevated seedling shed. Although it is very close to the end of the month when the seedlings are sold, the seedlings have been sold out.

  Shangyi County, Hebei Province was once a national poverty-stricken county. In 2018, it planned and built a strawberry seedling breeding base in Shangyi County with the Changping District of Beijing. Li Weibin, a well-known strawberry seedling breeding and fresh fruit production enterprise in the country, Beijing Wandeyuan Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., leases and manages the strawberry seedling breeding base in Shangyi County. He has since "rooted" Shangyi.

The picture shows the workers in the greenhouse of the strawberry seedling breeding base in Shangyi County. Photo by Li Yang

  Talking about the site selection of the strawberry seedling breeding base, Li Weibin admitted frankly that he had visited Shangyi County for inspection. Shangyi County is located in the northwest of Hebei Province, at 41°N latitude, about 1200 meters above sea level, with a cold climate, large temperature difference between day and night, and the highest temperature not exceeding 24°C. It is in the best area for strawberry cultivation, and the strawberry fruit development period is suitable. The temperature is 18 to 23°C, which is very suitable for seedling raising. Thanks to its unique natural ecological advantages, the strawberries grown are not only sweet and delicious, but also create favorable conditions for the cultivation of strawberries in different seasons.

  What are the advantages of Shangyi's cold climate? Li Weibin gave an example, strawberry seedlings cannot "breathe" above 35°C and the roots will rot. In suitable areas, strawberry seedlings should not be diseased, differentiate early, and produce strong fruit. Winter strawberries in Beijing cannot be eaten after May, but Shangyi can last until July. In April of this year, the temperature is low, and the strawberry has been picked twice in summer in order to postpone the fruiting time. The strawberry industry in Shangyi County can grow seedlings and produce fruits all year round, enriching everyone's vegetable basket, filling the gap in summer strawberry production in Beijing, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results between Beijing and Hebei.

  In the strawberry seedling breeding base, rows of white greenhouses come into view, which is very spectacular. Walking into the greenhouse, the ripe strawberries were red and scented, and the workers were very busy, and the authentic dialects that came from time to time were mixed with hearty laughter.

  Li Weibin said that the construction of the strawberry seedling breeding base provides the neighboring people with opportunities to work nearby. Without heavy physical work, they can earn money as long as they work hard. The common people come here to work, and the farmers' days are also "dyed" with strawberry.

  Since Li Weibin planted the first strawberry seedlings in Shangyi on April 21, 2019, he knew that the path of seedling cultivation was on the right path. The seedlings produced this year are twice as many as last year, and next year will definitely be better. After the greenhouses are fully benefited, the base can provide more than 10 million commercial seedlings to Beijing and surrounding areas every year. In Changping, Beijing alone, 30 million strawberry seedlings are needed every year.

The picture shows Li Weibin busy in the strawberry multi-span elevated nursery shed. Photo by Li Yang

  When seedling nurses from all over the country came here to learn from their experience, Li Weibin had an idea to cultivate strawberry planting technology for the local people, bring up a skilled team, and realize self-employment to become rich and prosperously prosperous, making the strawberry industry truly rich and high in Shangyi County. Featured agricultural industry with technological content.

  "When I was in Beijing, I met a strawberry grower. He ran three rounds of seedlings in the first year, bought'noodles' seedlings in the second year, and bought a car in the third year. The better the day." Li Weibin said that Shangyi County is located in the Bashang area. Now it has transformed "cold resources" into "heat economy", introduced advanced strawberry seedling technology, selected high-quality original strawberry varieties, and then developed and grown. This is a very good one. "Potential stocks." Engaging in agriculture is a matter of people's livelihood. It needs to be explored gradually, and if you persist in doing it well, you will gain. (Finish)