The Harbin area of ​​the Pilot Free Trade Zone took the lead in implementing the reform of "Licensing as the mainstay and commitment on behalf of the certificate"

  Science and Technology Daily News (Reporter Li Liyun and intern Wang Sicong) Recently, the Harbin Area of ​​China (Heilongjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone "License-based and Commitment on behalf of Certificates" reform policy promotion meeting was held, announcing that the Harbin Area of ​​the Free Trade Zone officially took the lead in China Trial implementation of the reform of "Licensing as the mainstay and commitment on behalf of proof".

  The Harbin area of ​​the China (Heilongjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone uses the reform idea of ​​“promises instead of proofs and credits instead of running errands”, actively explores the “slim down” of administrative powers on the premise of ensuring scientific and complete approval procedures, and is the first to try out the “acceptance of credit” in China. The reform of “mainly and promises on behalf of certification” is an important reform measure to better support the growth of small, medium and micro enterprises to stabilize growth and employment.

  After the four types of small public places have realized the principle of "licensing as the mainstay, and the commitment on behalf of the certificate", how to ensure the seamless connection between the approval and the regulatory authorities and strengthen the supervision during and after the event to ensure people's health and safety is a difficult problem that must be solved. To this end, the Harbin area has given full play to its unique "integrated platform for approval, supervision and law enforcement". After the "four small" enterprises have received their business licenses, they will clearly inform them of the hardware and software conditions required for business operations. After business preparation, only need to scan the two-dimensional code on the "Public Place Sanitation Notification and Commitment Letter" to automatically transmit the relevant supervision information to the supervision department. The regulatory authorities verify the situation by formulating strict regulatory measures and on-site inspections, “zero interruption” to enterprises that do meet the conditions, rectify the enterprises that need to be rectified within a time limit, and ban enterprises that do not meet the conditions.

  It is reported that the launch of the reform of "based on licenses and commitments on behalf of certificates" is another bold attempt to build a new type of administrative service based on integrity in the Harbin area of ​​the Free Trade Zone. Its starting point is to streamline administration and delegate power, combine decentralization, and optimize services. Its goal is to truly benefit enterprises and the public. Its ultimate goal is to establish a convenient, efficient, and standardized social credit system.

  To this end, the Harbin area continues to innovate administrative management methods, and on the basis of the continuous release of the "commitment system" reform policy, a series of supporting programs such as the "improvement of the social credit system construction work promotion implementation plan", "trustworthy joint incentives, untrustworthy joint punishment list", etc. Guarantee measures to effectively play the role of credit restraint. Under the framework of the legal system, service is the center, supervision is the starting point, service efficiency is optimized, and supervision methods are legalized, which fully stimulates the vitality of the regional market and makes the reform of decentralization Tensile, more influential, better promote the healthy development of the economy and society, and build a market-oriented, legalized, and internationalized business environment.