Dubai Economy issued 7050 "dealer licenses" until 5 August

Small projects .. Hamda Abdullah's passion for art leads her to found "H Concept"

The project falls within the activity of Publications Art Design Services. From the source

The entrepreneur's passion, Hamda Abdullah, for art has led to designing publications, books and cards within her project "H Concept" for graphic design and printing, which she established in Dubai under a "dealer license", which deals with licensing innovative commercial and emerging projects that are managed through websites and social networking sites.

The project is part of the artistic design services activity for publications, and it includes all kinds of technical design services for printing or printed materials, such as designing magazine covers and pages and books, in addition to designing other printed materials such as stamps, greeting cards, introductory booklets, and others. It also includes implementing designs by traditional or modern means.

The project owner, Hamda Abdullah, said that her passion for the world of design began at a young age, which prompted her to study graphic design at the university, where she graduated from the Higher College of Technology in 2016, and worked as an advertisement and magazine designer at the beginning of her career, then she decided to start her own project about Via its platform on the site «Instagram». She added, "The H-Concept project includes graphic design and printing, design of publications, advertisements, magazines, logos and a lot of electronic uses for companies or personal use."

Hamda Abdullah uses "Adobe Illustrator" for design to maintain high quality and accuracy. And Hamda continued: “The project journey was inspiring, as I was inspired by myself and with the encouragement and support of my family, I decided to work in the same field as a free trade through (Instagram), and at first I worked only for companies, restaurants and study projects, and then I started receiving special orders such as birthdays and wedding packages. . At first, I faced some challenges, including how to deal with customers from behind the screen, how to organize my time with my project, being a working mother, but thanks to God and the constant support of my family and friends, I was able to complete the work process and the success of the project. She added: “The main goal of the H-concept project for graphic design and printing @ ech.concepts was to develop oneself and not to forget this beautiful talent and to exploit it for the service of society, and also to prove to the world that the people of the UAE are talented, as well as to use free time to do something. Useful and get additional income for me ». She indicated that she had registered in a "dealer license" from the Dubai Economy, through exhibitions and social media sites, and decided to obtain the license, in order to ensure all rights and work in a correct path for the right of the trader and the customer and not commit any violations, pointing out that the process of obtaining the license was easy. Within minutes, the account became authorized and procedures were completed through the website Abdullah said, “Obtaining a dealer license helped enhance my self-confidence, as well as gain customers’ confidence, including not losing rights, and I was also able to benefit from offers and priority for dealer license holders, and to participate in exhibitions without charge. Most of my clients are from the UAE and the Gulf countries, especially local companies and business owners to create their own commercial logo. The commercial registration and licensing sector in Dubai Economy issued 7050 "dealer licenses" since the launch of the initiative until August 5 this year. Females acquired the highest percentage of licenses, as they constituted about 58% of the number of licenses (4,082 licenses), while males formed 42% (2,968 licenses). license). The advantages of obtaining a "dealer license" include taking advantage of banking facilities, displaying products at sales outlets (partners), obtaining membership in the Dubai Chamber for Commercial Activities, obtaining the importer customs code to facilitate import and export through, and participating in exhibitions, conferences and workshops. .

Doing business

Dubai Economy seeks through a "dealer license" to regulate the process of doing business, creating a platform to support and develop trade, and linking clients directly with merchants. The controls of a "dealer license" include that it is not possible to open a commercial store, and a visa can be issued to only three workers, if the owner of the license is a citizen, and the right of legal recourse rests with the individual himself who owns the license.

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