Chinanews, Shenzhen, August 14 (Zheng Xiaohong, Zhu Zuying) The "Three Rights Handover" Ceremony for the Shenzhen Metro Line 6 and Line 10 Projects, Territory Management and Equipment Use Rights, on the 6th afternoon of the 14th Line Changzhen Station held. This marks the official completion of the construction and preparatory work for the opening of the two new lines of Line 6 and Line 10, and the official transition from the construction stage to the operation stage. Shenzhen Metro Group said that the two new lines are scheduled to open simultaneously this month.

  The reporter learned that in order to facilitate the citizens to travel by car at night, Line 6 and Line 10 will also launch the "last half-way service" after 23:00. Among them, 4 additional trains will be opened in both directions from the Science Museum to Phoenix and Songgang to Phoenix on Line 6; 4 additional trains will be opened in one direction from Futian Port on Line 10 to Gankeng; limited extension of the service time to 23:30 Minute.

Shenzhen Metro Line 6 Changzhen Station. Photo courtesy of Shenzhen Metro Group

  It is reported that the automatic ticket machines, gates, maternity rooms and other equipment and facilities of the stations of Shenzhen Metro Line 6 and Line 10 have been installed, and the final tests are in progress. A number of convenient service facilities have been added to the two new lines. For example, make full use of the three-dimensional guide signs set up in the station space to guide passengers to travel. Among them, the "reduced customer service window" can facilitate children and special groups to handle ticket and card services.

  In addition, all stations on the two lines have realized "smart side door" and "smart customer service" services. By then, special groups of people can pass the gates without contact through fingerprint verification and face recognition, and at the same time, third-party payment ticket and card business services will be realized. After the opening of line 6, 10, Guangming, Pinghu and other areas will enter the subway era. Line 6 can be interchanged with existing lines except Line 2; Line 10 can be interchanged with existing lines except Line 2 and 11, and can share the morning and evening peak hours of Metro Line 4 and 5 Commuter flow pressure. (Finish)