Chinanews Client, August 14 (Li Jinlei) On August 14, the National Bureau of Statistics released China's economic data for July. The employment situation was generally stable, and the urban unemployment rate was flat. From January to July, 6.71 million new jobs were created in cities and towns across the country, a decrease of 1.96 million compared with the same period last year. The unemployment rate in the national urban survey in July was 5.7%, the same as in June; among them, the unemployment rate in the 25-59 year-old population survey was 5.0%, a decrease of 0.2%; but the unemployment rate in the youth population survey increased, and the survey was conducted in 31 major cities and towns. The unemployment rate was 5.8%, the same as in June. In July, the average weekly working hours of employees in enterprises nationwide was 46.8 hours, the same as in June.