, Wuhan, August 14 (Ma Furong, Gao Xunzhi) Since August, hot weather has hit one after another, and nearly 400 A-level tourist attractions in Hubei are free of tickets for tourists from all over the country. Summer tourism has become a topic of concern. . On the 14th, the second "Hubei Summer Resort Destinations" list was announced in Wuhan, providing a reference for the public to travel in summer.

  This year's "Looking for Summer Tourist Destinations" is jointly directed by Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Hubei Meteorological Bureau, and jointly hosted by Hubei Meteorological Network and Sina Hubei. Macheng Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area, Shennongjia Songbai Town, Xianning Jiugong Mountain Scenic Area, Tujianao Town in Ezhou, and Quanxi Town in Zhuxi County, Shiyan City are on the list.

  The event started on June 1 and attracted 65 scenic spots (townships) in Hubei to register. According to multiple indicators such as climate conditions, ecological environment, safety assurance, etc., after voluntary declaration, online selection, on-site review, expert evaluation and other links, 5 companies were finally selected as summer tourism destinations.

  Wang Jinfu, deputy director of the Hubei Meteorological Bureau, said that Hubei has recently launched the "Travel to Hubei with Love" activity. The successful excavation of a batch of new summer tourism destinations provides a good place for people across the country to travel to Hubei for free and promotes the development of climate resources. Take advantage of the important measures to accelerate the recovery of Hubei after the epidemic.

  According to Zhu Jun, general manager of Hubei Trading Dabieshan Investment and Development Co., Ltd., affected by the epidemic, the total number of tourists in the Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area in Macheng in April and May this year was less than 30% in the same period last year. The maximum number of tourists received during the "May Day" period fell by 80% compared with the same period. . At the same time, the long rainy season caused delays for summer tourists, and the reception period was compressed by more than half a month.

  "At the critical moment when governments at all levels issued to boost consumption, the activities to find summer tourist destinations came very timely." Zhu Jun said, hoping that relevant departments can implement some specific policies and measures on employee vacation and recuperation, and introduce financing for scenic spots Preferential policies, the introduction of incentive measures and simplified procedures for project construction, will further stimulate the vitality of the tourism market. (Finish)