China News Service, Kunming, August 12th (Han Shuinan) A reporter learned from Yunnan Aviation Industry Investment Group on the 11th that as of the end of July, Yunnan Province has opened 15 intra-provincial routes, 6 all-cargo routes, and 11 passenger-to-cargo routes. Flight route. In the first half of the year, the group's flight transportation, passenger throughput, cargo and mail throughput gradually recovered, production and operation improved month by month, and the aviation market resumed in an orderly manner.

  The data shows that in terms of accelerating the construction of the province's inner circle flight network, as of the end of July, Yunnan Province has opened 15 circle flight routes covering 10 branch airports, an increase of 5 from the same period last year. At the same time, by vigorously promoting international cargo charter flights and "passenger-to-cargo" flights, the province has opened 6 all-cargo routes and 11 passenger-to-cargo routes. In the last week of July, the number of flights, passenger throughput, and cargo and mail throughput in the province have recovered to 96.8%, 86.3%, and 88.2% of last year's average levels respectively.

  In terms of implementing epidemic prevention and control work, from January 26 to June 30, airports in Yunnan Province guaranteed 122,000 flights, and a total of 12.497 million inbound and outbound passengers were subjected to temperature measurement. From March 1 to June 30, 511 international flights into Yunnan were guaranteed, and a total of 32,000 immigrants were registered, screened and intensively observed. Up to now, all personnel entering and exiting Yunnan via the airport have scanned their temperature and scanned codes without any omissions, and employees have zero infection.

  It is understood that Yunnan Aviation Industry Investment Group will strive to achieve a passenger throughput of 30.6 million passengers, 257,000 flights, and 223,000 tons of cargo and mail in the airports in the second half of the year, reaching 85.9%, 93.1% and 94.1% in the same period last year. (Finish)