[Explanation] Affected by the epidemic, this year's primary and middle school students in Hunan have a very short return to school. Most of the time they stay at home and cannot gather with their classmates to learn and play together. With the advent of summer vacation, the tourism industry is gradually liberalized. Some rural research and study tours with educational and practical connotations have been activated. Students are invited three or five times, or go together under the organization of the school, to experience rural life, cultivate practical skills and thrifty good habits.

  In the past few days, the University Group of Wushifeng Village in Xiangtan County, Hunan Province has been very lively. Every day, student teams from all over the world come here to visit and interact, learn to make various foods, and feel the joy of labor. Xiao Na, a student of Hunan University of Foreign Economics who is learning to make pancakes with her classmates, said that doing it yourself and watching a pancake shop chef make pancakes are completely different. Not only is the process complicated, but she also understands how a grain of grain becomes a Chinese meal.

  [Concurrent] Xiao Na, student of Hunan University of Foreign Economics

  good to eat. Then the first time I did it was a bit rusty, and I had to thank the (instructor) teacher at first, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do it at all. I experienced it today and discovered that food is really hard-won.

  [Commentary] Xiao Na said that because she had little contact with the outside world for the past six months, she had the opportunity to "do it yourself and get enough food" with teachers and classmates, which made this special holiday especially interesting.

  The reporter learned that due to the proximity to the "patriotism education base" Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall, the 36 households in the university group of Wushifeng Village plan to gradually build tofu making, handmade noodles, pancake workshops, earthenware workshops, and pastoral photography studios. Traditional handicraft "Thirty-six Villages in the Village". At present, the first phase of the twelve workshops has taken shape, and there will be twelve workshops open to the public in September. According to statistics, since this year, Wushifeng Village has received tens of thousands of visiting and research tourists.

  [Concurrent] Wu Mei, a member of the running team of "Thirty-six Villages"

  It's a holiday, and the children have been locked away for a long time before they are home, so now there is a feeling of a "divine beast" coming out of the mountain. Then they will be autonomous and have families now, like individual tourists, they will come to our side for a visit, tour, and experience.

  [Explanation] While the special summer vacation activates rural research and study tours, it also allows poor households to have continuous income at their doorstep. The 70-year-old Gu Fangwen is a five-guarantee household in Wushifeng Village. In 2016, he moved into a red brick house with the support of the poverty alleviation policy. Now, his house has been transferred to "Thirty-six Villages in the Village" and is now being upgraded. Transformed into a clay pottery workshop. In the future, in addition to helping in the village, Gu Fangwen also has a rent income, and from time to time tourists come to lively and lively, which makes him laugh from ear to ear.

  [Concurrent] Gu Fangwen, a villager of Wushifeng Village, Wushi Town, Xiangtan County, Hunan

  I am very happy that the old house has been transformed into a new one. We also have a monthly salary. These tourists welcome them to come and sit with me.

  Xu Zhixiong Fang Jianhe News Report from Xiangtan, Hunan

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】