• Town councils.The mayors anticipate the failure of the agreement between the Government and the Femp for the surplus: "Everyone will vote no"

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, is " willing to dialogue and reach an agreement, especially with the municipalities ", but based on the fact that the agreement of 5,000 million already signed by the Executive and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (Femp) is very positive. In addition, if the statements of the Minister of Finance and spokesperson for the Executive, María Jesús Montero, are taken into account, the option of completely renegotiating the agreement and returning to sit down with the mayors as the PP, Ciudadanos, PDeCAT, ERC, BNG or PNV seems out of the question . And, therefore, what the Government seems to be only willing to do is to introduce possible modifications during the parliamentary process of the decree.

" It is the only possible solution that allows, in the opinion of the State attorneys, that the municipalities can spend the surplus, " explained Montero just a few minutes before Sánchez appeared after his summer office with the King. "It is in agreement from the dialogue with the Femp, which is the legitimate representatives of the municipalities. And if now, the Congress of Deputies does not want to give it formality, it would be a shame for the municipalities to be left without the possibility of using the remainder or relaxing the rules prosecutors, "Montero has warned.

Last week, Sánchez and the head of the Femp, Abel Caballero, signed an agreement so that the municipalities could use their remnants and that, in addition, those consistories that had them and voluntarily transferred to the Government had access to a fund of 5,000 million euros and a maximum of 400 million additional for public transport.

Already with the first drafts, the Popular Party was very critical, and after the signing of the agreement, complaints increased significantly. " Criticisms exacerbated by the mayors of the PP ", as defined by Montero during an official visit to Rota. However, not only the training led by Pablo Casado has rejected this agreement. Quite the contrary, in fact. Almost all political groups participated last Friday in a meeting of mayors of large cities and showed their intention to vote 'no' on the decree in Congress.

Precisely for this reason, the Treasury tried to quell the rebellion yesterday by offering to assume the banking interests of the municipalities that give up their remnants; And that is also why Sánchez has shown himself willing this Wednesday to "dialogue and reach an agreement" that could go along the same lines of new concessions. But that does not seem enough to appease the PP or the Catalan parties or the PNV. Although the latter have already seen them take more difficult parliamentary turns after achieving significant benefits for their respective communities .

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