RIZAP Group Loss of ¥2.7 billion due to temporary closure of store due to new corona 20:11 on August 12

This is the "RIZAP group" that develops training gyms, etc., and the financial results for the three months from April to June are the result of the new coronavirus, which forced the store to be closed It was a deficit of 2.7 billion yen.

According to the financial results for three months from April to June announced by the "RIZAP Group" on the 12th, sales were 37.8 billion yen, a 25% decrease from the same period last year, and the final The loss was 2.7 billion yen, and the amount of the deficit increased significantly from 100 million yen at the same time last year.

This was due to the effect of the declaration of emergency from April to May, which forced the stores such as training gyms and apparel businesses to be temporarily closed, resulting in lower sales and labor costs incurred during the period The main reason for this is that we recorded losses such as rent and rent.

On the other hand, the forecast for the year ending March next year is “undecided” because the timing of the spread of infection cannot be forecast.

The RIZAP Group has a loss of 6 billion yen in the last year's financial results, and it has been in the red for the second consecutive year.