[Well-off China] Rural Quzhou, Zhejiang Province's new wealth: farmers become anchors

  [Explanation] Now in the rural areas of Kecheng District, Quzhou, Zhejiang, "village broadcasting" is becoming a new phenomenon. Farmers act as anchors, mobile phones as agricultural tools, and data as agricultural resources. They walk into the newly renovated village broadcast base, a live broadcast room with a "net celebrity" temperament, and the newly trained "new village broadcaster" is in front of the camera as a local specialty Endorsement... The once idle cultural auditorium has now quietly transformed into the "Cradle of Village Broadcasting" in Kecheng, Quzhou. Village broadcaster "Sister Grapefruit" Fang Yu told reporters that she was originally operating a local enterprise to process agricultural products. The first lesson of the training changed her perception of live broadcast. Now she firmly believes that the live broadcast model can help the company's sales to a higher level. floor.

  [Concurrent] (Village Broadcasting Fang Yu)

  When I had the first class at that time, I found it very useful, because what they taught was not as empty as other teachers. He invited real Internet celebrities to teach us how I live broadcast, including our current What have you done, I think it is useful to me. We actually focus on maintenance now offline, because our customer base is relatively stable, then our own energy can put it online, because online is a new channel for us, and then It is also the way our company walks on multiple legs, so our focus may be on the new one before we walk together.

  [Explanation] Through the establishment of a village broadcast college, Quzhou Kecheng has carried out live broadcast, short video, online operation and other training and teaching, so that farmers can understand new retail methods and tools, master live broadcast knowledge and technology, reshape their knowledge structure and thinking, and create new The new image of the new farmer in the era. Taobao anchor Sun Pingli has several years of experience as an anchor. Now she will also train local village broadcasters in addition to her own live broadcast, teach some live broadcast skills and share experience. She said that the anchor is actually an online salesperson facing the public and needs sales skills. , Cheerful and talkative, she also put forward her own suggestions for the live broadcast effect of the village broadcast.

  [Concurrent] (Taobao anchor Sun Pingli)

  Ordinary people may say that this orange is sweet and delicious if they have not done a live broadcast, but if we do a live broadcast, we will tell her that everyone can watch this orange. After peeling it, the meat inside is very thick and the juice is very good. Many, we know how to describe it, that is to make people feel like eating this orange. This way, more people will feel this orange, and then he will want to buy it and try it like this. I think in the live broadcast, if you go to the live broadcast, more people may not say how well the anchor can tell, but he may watch a scene more. If you talk about how to make the noodles in the noodle factory, like these farmers or the person in charge in the factory, he must know noodles better. He may also be very shy in introducing it, but many people will pay the bill because (audience ) Felt more real. He felt that the things he bought were made on-site, including the items picked in the orchard. This is closer to reality and everyone pays more.

  [Explanation] Sun Wei, deputy general manager of the village broadcast base operating company, introduced that the village broadcast base mainly engages in incubation from three dimensions, and eventually becomes an e-commerce factory with online celebrity village broadcasts, branded agricultural products, and the entire industry chain.

  [Concurrent] (Sun Wei, Deputy General Manager of Village Broadcasting Base Operating Company)

  The first one is that in terms of human creation, let these ordinary farmers walk into our academy and enter our classrooms to learn some skills of live broadcast and delivery; the second is that for our products, we take it An upward trend, a packaging process of e-commerce, because everyone mentioned that all agricultural products are non-standard products, we hope that through our empowerment, these non-standard agricultural products can become standard products and become brand agricultural products; then People have goods, and in the end we hope to build this place into a factory, so that these farmers themselves do not have live broadcast equipment in their homes. You can come to me to broadcast. If we have anchors that are out of stock, it is also okay to come to me to select goods. We finally want Forming a person, goods, and factory are actually the three core elements of e-commerce.

  Reporter Shen Yishan reports from Quzhou, Zhejiang

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