China News Service, Manzhouli, August 12 (Reporter Li Aiping) Manzhouli Customs reported on the 12th that in the first July of this year, the Manzhouli port, the most mainland port in China, inspected and released more than 2.5 million items of outbound mail.

  Public information shows that the Manzhouli Port has obvious location advantages and convenient export routes. More and more Russian mail chooses to transit through customs.

  According to the customs, due to the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the international aviation industry has suspended a large number of flights and reduced flights this year, and cross-border logistics channels have been severely restricted. Manzhouli Customs has established a cross-customs area liaison mechanism to ensure the smooth flow of postal routes. In the previous July, more than 2.5 million items of outbound mail were inspected and released.

  Huo Weili, deputy director of the Manzhouli Customs Supervision Office, introduced, “At the end of last year, Manzhouli Customs carried out cross-customs coordination and coordination with 7 directly-affiliated customs to establish the basis for the two outbound mail transfer routes from Harbin to Manzhouli to Russia and Hohhot to Manzhouli to Russia. Two customs transit lines, Beijing-Manzhouli-Russia, and Changsha-Manzhouli-Russia will be added to increase the number of transit lines for outbound mail through Manzhouli port from 2 to 4."

  "We have compressed the customs clearance process to four links, so as to ensure that the outbound mail is checked and released quickly." Hao Yanbing, deputy chief of the Customs Inspection Division of Manzhouli Airport, introduced. (Finish)