On the 12th, Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki and Minister of Strategy and Finance said, "In particular, for the metropolitan area and Sejong area, which are showing signs of overheating, the National Police Agency's '100-day special crackdown' and the National Tax Service's'Real Estate Transaction Fleeting Task Force' We plan to further strengthen our response capabilities.”

Deputy Prime Minister Hong said, “A number of abnormal transactions were confirmed in the planning investigation on major overheated areas in the metropolitan area, which began in June, and speeded the investigation, such as requesting explanatory data,” while presiding at the'Second Real Estate Market Inspection Ministers' Meeting' at the Seoul Government Complex. "I plan to make it," he said.

He also said, "As a result of the investigation into the actual transaction of high-priced housing on the report filed earlier this year, a number of suspicious cases of abnormal transaction were extracted, and we are reviewing whether it is illegal," he said. "In August, we will announce the final result, notify the National Tax Service, and promote the imposition of fines. "I said.

In addition, Deputy Prime Minister Hong said, "We are undergoing a joint special inspection on online platform disturbances in accordance with the revised Public Brokerage Act in February this year," and "We are planning to initiate internal investigations and take criminal action against suspicious cases."

He said, "We plan to actively detect and respond to new types of disturbing behaviors," he said. "If it is judged that the response regulations for disturbing behaviors such as manipulating bid prices and fixing house prices are insufficient, we will actively review measures to improve related systems."

The revised Public Brokerage Act prohibits acts that affect market prices or restricts or induces brokerage requests by specific realtors, and requires imprisonment for up to three years or fines up to 30 million won for violations.

At today's meeting, we also reviewed the progress of follow-up measures for real estate supply and demand measures.

Regarding the high-density reconstruction of public participation, Deputy Prime Minister Hong said, "Using the'Public Fair Expenditure Activation TF', which started in earnest from yesterday between the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Seoul, we actively support business feasibility analysis and free consulting to the applicant associations. I will try to find out."

He said, "In the case of public redevelopment, not a few unions have been looking for their will," he said. "We will discuss and proceed as quickly as possible, such as shortening the pre-designation process from 18 months to 6 months and simplifying the project implementation approval process." It.

For individual sites such as the site of the Seoul Regional Public Procurement Service, he explained that the development plan for each site will be prepared and managed in detail, and that pre-results will be discussed as soon as possible.

He said, “We will accelerate the pace of implementation so that the new supply plan for 132,000 units in the Seoul area is smoothly promoted and results are achieved through weekly inspection, management and resolving difficulties.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)