China News Service, August 12 According to the State Post Bureau website, the State Post Bureau released statistics on the 12th. The postal express industry continued to maintain a rapid growth trend in July, and the industry volume and revenue growth rate remained stable. From January to July, the total business volume of the postal industry was 1049.79 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.79%; business income was 590.95 billion yuan, an increase of 11.77%. Among them, the express delivery business volume completed 40.82 billion pieces, an increase of 23.66% year-on-year, which exceeded the total business volume of 40.06 billion pieces in 2017; the express delivery business revenue completed 454.71 billion yuan, an increase of 13.53%.

Data map: logistics staff are sorting express delivery. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yun

  The development of the industry presents the following characteristics: First, the rural market is growing rapidly. The sinking of e-commerce and the continuous improvement of delivery infrastructure in rural areas have driven the rapid growth of express delivery services in rural areas. The total collection and delivery volume in the first 7 months exceeded 18 billion pieces, and the growth rate of collection volume was 20% higher than that in urban areas. Above, the total number of village-level e-commerce service sites nationwide has exceeded 310,000, and more than 42% of the organized villages have implemented express delivery services directly to the villages.

  Second, cross-border express delivery maintained rapid growth. Affected by the epidemic and the reduction of international flights, the cross-border business volume experienced a sharp drop in the early period. With the continued strong international demand and the continuous opening of cross-border delivery emergency channels, the growth rate of cross-border express business volume has returned to more than 30% since May In the first seven months, the volume of international express delivery services was 920 million, a year-on-year increase of 22.69%, basically reaching the industry average growth level.

  Third, the industry performed well in the capital market. The financing structure has been continuously optimized, the efficiency of capital use has been steadily improved, and 7 express delivery companies have entered the Fortune China 500.