Expected unfishing Sanma Departs from fishing ban on small boats Hokkaido Nemuro 13:38, August 12


Among the "stick catch net fishing" that is the center of saury fishing, fishing boats departed one after another from the port in eastern Hokkaido after the fishing ban on small boats was lifted. This is expected to be even lower than last year's lowest landing volume, and it is expected that the fishing will be unprecedented.

Samma's rod net fishing was lifted on the 10th on a small boat weighing less than 20 tons, but the fishing was postponed due to barges.

The weather recovered on the 12th, and at Hanasaki Port in Nemuro City, which has the highest amount of landed saury in the country, after fishermen loaded food on their boats, they set sail for the fishing grounds in the North Pacific Ocean one after another.

According to each fishery cooperative, at least 12 ships have departed from ports in various parts of eastern Hokkaido on the 12th.

According to a resource survey conducted by the Fisheries Research and Education Organization, it is expected that the number of saury coming to the waters near Japan will fall below last year's lowest landing volume last year, and severe fishing is expected to occur.

A man in his 50s who was a crew member said, "I want to do my best to get the saury somehow."

This year, saury fishing will be in full swing with the lifting of bans on medium and large vessels.