To display their products in front of the largest segment of consumers

Dubai DED and "kiosks" cooperate to support "dealer license" holders

Dubai Economy provides the ideal environment and provides the necessary support for holders of a "dealer license". From the source

The commercial registration and licensing sector in Dubai Economy cooperated with “kiosks”, an approved e-commerce platform, so that young creative people holding a “dealer license” issued by the Dubai Economic Department concerned with licensing managed projects through social media and the Internet, can display their products and goods and reach them to the largest A segment of consumers and the public, through the website of “kiosks” for free.

And dealer license holders can display their products and goods through the “kiosk” website easily, by establishing an independent store in which all products are added. The site, https: // ae / sell / ded, provides an online payment gateway Zero interest on sales and delivery services.

Doing business

The first director of the awareness section of the commercial registration and licensing sector at the Dubai Economic Department, Ahmed Al-Shaer, said in a statement yesterday: “We seek, through (a merchant license), to regulate the process of doing business and promoting e-commerce, which reflects our strategy aimed at ease of doing business and supporting competitiveness. Developmental Dubai. Our partnership with (kiosks) confirms our commitment to support emerging projects for young people with (dealer license) and to help them sell and market their products electronically. ”

Al-Shaer emphasized the continuity of Dubai's economy, in providing the ideal environment, and providing the necessary support to holders of a "dealer license", by signing partnerships with all parties from the public and private sectors and providing them with facilities.

Electronic system

For his part, the CEO and founder of the “Kiosk” application, Fahim Al-Zubaidi, said: “Keeping up with the state’s drive to lead in services and the electronic system worldwide, an electronic application has emerged and established (kiosks) that does not only aim to provide an integrated electronic platform to promote and display innovative products, but rather extends To create an integrated electronic community through the application, which includes a segment of registered talents and trades, which make it difficult for community members to access their accounts on social networking sites.

Al-Zubaidi added: “We seek to distinguish the owners of licensed start-ups, in order to provide an opportunity for practical and productive participation in society, to open new horizons in the local and foreign markets, and to provide them with the opportunity to get to know the community through a reliable and integrated application of my emirate. »In the first phase, the website and the application provide a platform to display products that are classified under the following categories: accessories, food and beverages, arts and crafts, fashion, health and beauty, and also provides credibility and assurance of the account holder, in addition to electronic payment solutions.

Dealer License

Dubai Economy launched a "dealer license", which is issued electronically, as part of its keenness to enhance e-commerce and the competitiveness of the emirate’s economy, in addition to achieving the government's rational vision in digital transformation and building awareness about platforms that facilitate the conduct of commercial activities. The Emirate of Dubai has succeeded, thanks to its advanced logistical structure and the remarkable rate of internet usage, in establishing the smart transformation and turning it into a successful approach, as the Fourth Industrial Revolution promoted the adoption of e-commerce as an exceptional model for doing business.

License advantages

The advantages of obtaining a "dealer license" include issuing the establishment card, taking advantage of banking facilities, displaying products at sales outlets (partners), obtaining membership in the Dubai Chamber for commercial activities, and obtaining the importer customs code to facilitate import and export through Participation in exhibitions, conferences and workshops, contracting with temporary employment companies, and providing work spaces (partners).

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