China News Service, Beijing, August 12. The General Office of the State Council of China recently issued the "Opinions on Further Stabilizing Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), and proposed 15 policy measures to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment.

  The "Opinions" pointed out that the current international epidemic continues to spread, the world economy is in serious recession, and China's foreign trade and foreign investment are facing a complex and severe situation. The "Opinions" stated that it is necessary to further strengthen the work of stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, stabilize the main body of foreign trade, stabilize the supply chain of the industrial chain, and propose 15 policy measures to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment. The main contents include:

  One is to increase fiscal, taxation and financial support. Give better play to the role of export credit insurance and actively protect the risk of orders being cancelled before shipment. Support qualified places to replicate or expand the "credit insurance + guarantee" financing model. Provide credit enhancement support for foreign trade enterprises' financing in various ways. Further expand export credits to small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises. Financial support is provided to key foreign-funded enterprises, and the special quota for re-loan and rediscount is equally applicable to foreign-funded enterprises. Lower the threshold for foreign-funded R&D centers to enjoy preferential policies, and encourage foreign businessmen to invest in China to establish R&D centers.

  The second is to develop new trade formats and new models. We will add a batch of pilot market procurement trade methods, and strive to expand the total to about 30, support cross-border e-commerce platforms, cross-border logistics development and overseas warehouse construction, etc., and increase the credit cultivation of foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises. Expand online channels for foreign trade, promote "online one country, one exhibition", support small and medium foreign trade companies to open up markets, and help export companies connect with more overseas buyers.

  The third is to improve the level of facilitation of customs clearance and personnel exchanges. Further promote the standardization and reduction of the cost of compliance in import and export links, promote the "one-stop sunny price" of port charges at ports where conditions permit, and increase the strength of consulting services for technical trade measures. Under the premise of strictly implementing the epidemic prevention requirements, continue to negotiate with relevant countries to establish "fast channels" to facilitate personnel exchanges, increase the total number of international passenger flights in stages, and moderately increase the number of civil flights with China's main sources of investment.

  The fourth is to support key industries and key enterprises. Guide the gradient transfer of processing trade, and cultivate a number of processing trade industrial parks jointly built in the east, central and western regions, and northeast regions. Further increase support for labor-intensive product export enterprises. "One enterprise, one policy" helps large-scale backbone foreign trade companies solve difficult problems. We will treat key foreign-funded projects equally and increase land use and other service guarantees. Promote the management and service facilitation of high-tech enterprises, and encourage more foreign investment in high-tech industries. (Finish)