A pet-themed beverage store in the provincial capital, where customers interact with internet celebrity pets

  With the rise of the pet economy, there have been many pet-themed beverage shops on the streets of provincial cities in the past two years. Internet celebrity pets such as Cole Duck, Siamese Cat and Shiba Inu have "lived" in the shops. A cup of coffee, a cat, an afternoon... For many young people, even if they do not have pets, they can still interact with various Internet celebrity pets in these stores through "cloud pets".

  Draining through the cute pet effect becomes a marketing tool for beverage store operators. However, compared with other themed beverage stores, because the pets introduced in the business premises of such stores are more special, they are still implemented according to the management methods of ordinary catering establishments. There is currently no question about how to keep pets in beverage stores to ensure the safety of beverage production. Detailed management regulations.

  ◎Text/Picture Shandong Business Daily·Subao News reporter Feng Yunyun and intern Li Di

  "Look up cats" and "duck ducks" while drinking drinks

  Nearly 20 pet-themed beverage shops in Jinan

  Since being led by Wang Sicong in the second half of last year, Ke Er Duck has become a new Internet celebrity pet. The price of one is tens of thousands of yuan, which discourages ordinary people. The reporter recently learned that there is such a pet drink shop on the streets of Jinan. Customers ordering a cup of milk tea can interact closely with the Internet celebrity Ke Er Duck.

  “It’s not uncommon to tease cats and dogs. I’ve always wanted to come after seeing this shop on the short video app just to see Cole Duck.” Recently, a pet-themed afternoon tea shop named Teddy Collection in Kuanhouli, Jinan, Because of the introduction of several Internet celebrities, Keer Duck, the citizen Ms. Xu came to find out.

  The reporter came to this pet afternoon tea shop for an interview on a working day. There were not many customers in the shop, but the shop clerk said, “It usually has more people than today. There are especially many people on weekends and holidays. You need to wait in line to enter.”

  It is understood that this is the first pet-themed beverage store in Jinan with a Keer Duck, and it will officially open on January 18, 2020. The reporter saw that the entire store is not large, and the overall decoration style of the store is casual ins style. In addition to 8 net celebrity Cole ducks, there are also pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters.

  Although duck coffee is a new thing, in the past two or three years, there have been many pet-themed drink shops on the streets of the province. Just next door to this afternoon tea shop with internet celebrity Ke Er Duck is a cat cafe. The reporter visited and found that there are at least three to four pet-themed beverage shops in Kuanhouli area alone.

  The reporter searched for the keyword "cat cafe" from Dianping. It showed that there are about 15 stores in Jinan area, and there are two or three dog cafes. The pets in these stores range from a few to dozens of pets. The variety covers young people most. Corgi, Shiba Inu, Husky, Ragdoll Cat, British Short Cat, etc. who love to "luo".

  This phenomenon does not only occur in Jinan. In recent years, there have been more and more pet-themed restaurants such as animal cafes and pet restaurants in first- and second-tier cities. From the first cat cafe and dog cafe to the later owl cafe, to the recent "duck cafe", more and more More exotic pets settle in cafes and milk tea shops.

  What are the conditions for interacting with pets?

  Experience packages are available at most stores

  During the investigation, the reporter learned that all pet-themed beverage shops require consumption to interact with pets.

  "On weekdays, customers can order a drink at the store to get in touch with their favorite pets. On weekends and holidays, we have launched a package of 39.9 yuan, which includes any drink and an admission ticket." The clerk of the theme afternoon tea shop told reporters.

  The reporter saw that the price of drinks sold in this shop was between 26-32 yuan, which was slightly higher than that of ordinary milk tea shops. "The premium for drinks comes from the pets in the store. Many first-tier cities have time restrictions. Our prices are already very favorable." said Mr. Ding, the person in charge of the store.

  Because of the premium from pets, the pet-themed cafes and tea shops that are still open in the provinces and cities currently sell beverages that are similar to ordinary stores, but the prices are generally slightly higher, ranging from 30 to 50 yuan per person.

  Almost all stores have experience packages for sale. The 48-yuan single package sold by a cat cafe in Kuanhouli includes playing with the cat, a drink, a funny cat stick, and a cat badge. In addition to single-person packages, there are also two-person packages, multi-person packages and other options, with an average price of more than 50 yuan per person. In addition to selling drinks, some pet-themed beverage shops also sell pet snacks and provide costume props for customers to take photos.

  Despite the high price, some people are willing to pay for pets. The reporter saw from Dianping that many customer reviews showed that they would have to wait in line to enter a pet-themed beverage store on weekends.

  "Cure" and "Decompression" are customers' primary evaluations of these pet-themed beverage stores. "I have been itching this duck for a long time. I wanted to buy it, but I was dissuaded by the price. Now I can come here to play. The Keer Duck feels very good to the touch and is very stress-reducing." When the reporter interviewed a pet-themed beverage shop in Kuanhouli A customer who came to the store for consumption told reporters. The reporter noticed that the customers visiting the store are mainly young people in their 20s and 30s and parents with children. Many of them love pets but don't have time to maintain and manage them. Come here to experience it. "I like small animals, but I don't have time to raise them, so I often come here to play." A customer in the store told reporters.

  A single store has a monthly turnover of hundreds of thousands

  "Cloud attracting pet" has become the daily life of young people

  Mr. Ding said that the cost of a Keer Duck in the store is about 10,000 yuan. While operating drinks, it also needs someone to take care of these pets. The operating cost is higher than that of ordinary beverage stores. But it is precisely because of the newly introduced Keer Duck and other Internet celebrity pets, the store has been doing very well since it opened. "We are already profitable when we restart business after May Day, and the monthly turnover can reach hundreds of thousands." It was revealed that the brand currently has plans to open branches.

  The model of combining the catering industry with the pet industry has something to do with the increasingly popular pet economy. The "Special Research Report on Pet Crowd in 2019" released by Aurora Big Data shows that by the end of 2019, the number of pet owners in China reached 55.82 million, and the pet industry reached 345.7 billion yuan. Each pet owner spent an average of 3176 yuan on a single pet in the past year. .

  The “2019 Pet Consumption Ecological Big Data Report” previously released by CBN-Data shows that the types of pet services in China are currently in full bloom, and more and more consumers are willing to pay for pets. The “cloud-raising cat” index In the past two years, it has increased tenfold, and the “cloud attracting pet” model has become a daily routine for contemporary young people.

  "Some regular customers have feelings for a certain pet, and they look for it every time they come." A clerk at a cat coffee shop near Quancheng Square in Jinan told reporters.

  However, the business model of pet catering shops also has a disastrous case. In 2017, a pet cafe in a shopping mall in Hangzhou exited due to poor business less than six months after its opening.

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  Blank area of ​​supervision office

  An insider in the catering industry in the province analyzed that the essence of business is traffic. “The model of pet-themed beverage stores uses cute pet effects to stimulate the desire to purchase and consume in groups that love pets.” Especially after the customer experience is over, After sharing through social platforms, a better publicity effect can be achieved.

  “On the taste alone, coffee is really not worth the price. Let’s be regarded as the cost of'fucking the dog'. Few people here are really for drinking.” After spending at a dog coffee shop in the central district of the provincial city, there was Customers gave such an evaluation. Many customers gave similar comments on the taste of drinks in pet-themed beverage shops.

  In addition, the reporter saw that most pet-themed beverage stores require customers to disinfect before entering the door, and then put on shoe covers. The clerk also said that all pets are regularly bathed and vaccinated. For safety reasons, some pet-themed beverage stores prohibit children from entering.

  There are followers, and others stay away. During the interview, some consumers expressed their concerns to the reporter, "While making drinks while keeping pets, indoor air is not circulated, can hygiene standards be met?"

  Is it compliant to keep pets in restaurants? The reporter consulted the market supervision department, and the relevant staff said that there are no detailed management regulations for this kind of emerging pet-themed beverage shops, and they are still implemented in accordance with the management of general dining establishments. In addition, some people in the industry said that how to make pets interact with humans more benignly and not to let animals become the victims of the business model requires further exploration.