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government has decided to crack down on actions that disrupt the real estate market. It is saying that we will crack down on what affects the market price through the internet or kiss each other's residents to not sell the house down. To this end, the police and the IRS are also dispatched.

This is reporter Jeon Hyeong-woo.

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is a notice recently posted on an apartment complex in Eunpyeong New Town.

It is said that realtors are lowering the price of the house and that they have to get the right house price.

There was also an article on Internet cafes saying not to use certain real estate agencies.

[Inhabitants of Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul: If you go out with 750 million won, it will be a success. If you put it like that, we will be witch-hunted. I am exercising at a (Internet) cafe like this,'Raise it to 900 million.' Go to the house and unload it immediately.] The

government decided to initiate an internal investigation on suspicious cases and file a criminal case, as the government believed that the online real estate market disruption was prevalent.

[Hong Nam-ki/Deputy Prime Minister of Economy: If it is judged that the regulations to respond to disturbing behaviors such as manipulating bid prices and fixing house prices are insufficient, we will actively review measures to improve related systems... .] According to the

revised Certified Brokerage Act, imprisonment for up to 3 years or a fine of up to 30 million won may be imposed for acts of disturbing market prices.

The government has decided to focus on the police and the National Tax Service crackdown team in the metropolitan area and Sejong City, which are showing signs of overheating.

In addition, for abnormal transactions detected in the investigation into the actual transaction of expensive housing, it will be notified to the National Tax Service or imposed a fine after reviewing whether it is illegal.

Lee Ho-seung, chief economic officer of the Blue House, said, "The detection and punishment functions for manipulating bid prices and fixing house prices are insufficient. If a real estate market supervisory body is established, it will play a very strong function and role."

(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il·Jung Seong-hwa, Video editing: Park Jeong-sam, VJ: Han Seung-min)