Starting in August, many scenic spots in China have launched preferential discounts, and some even introduced a free ticket policy, which is free to tourists from all over the country. The reporter learned that August is still in the traditional peak season for summer travel, and the price of tickets in previous years will be the peak season price. Affected by the epidemic this year, various scenic spots have launched preferential policies during the peak summer travel period to attract tourists to travel during the remaining summer period. Not only that, many scenic spots have even extended the preferential measures until the end of the year. The preferential period covers the National Day Golden Week. Starting in August, tourist travel will be more cost-effective.

  Text: Chen Weiwei, All Media Reporter, Guangzhou Daily Photo: Xinhua News Agency

  Push ticket discounts in many places to promote the recovery of domestic tourism

  In order to promote the recovery of the tourism industry and stimulate the development of the tourism economy, many provinces and cities across the country have recently introduced large-scale preferential policies for tourist attractions. Some scenic spots in Shandong, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hubei and other provinces have implemented a half-price preferential policy for tickets. Suzhou has also launched a special activity of "1 Yuan Garden Tour". Affected by this, the search volume of relevant price reduction and ticket-free scenic spots on the booking platform has greatly increased. Among them, the search volume of scenic spots in Shandong, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places has increased the most. In this regard, Cheng Chaogong, the chief researcher of Tongcheng Research Institute, said that unprecedented levels of scenic ticket discounts and free policies have been introduced across the country, which will play a positive role in the further recovery of tourism consumption in the second half of the year. It is expected to be beneficial to cultural tourism in related regions. Consumption played a significant role in stimulating.

  According to data, since the resumption of inter-provincial tourism, demand for various tourism products has risen accordingly. Among them, inter-provincial peripheral tourism has returned to 90% of the same period last year, becoming the most popular tourism product this summer. Domestic long-term group tours and long-term free travel (machine + wine) products have also returned to the level of last year's 50%, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen , Chengdu and Chongqing have become the most popular tourist sources. Gou Zhipeng, president of, said that the domestic civil aviation industry has embarked on a "U"-shaped recovery curve. Taking July 31 as an example, the national civil aviation passenger number exceeded 1.4 million, and the degree of recovery has exceeded 80% in the same period last year.

  High season promotion is the key to unprecedented quality improvement

  Reporters from all media found that in order to attract tourists, various places have started with discounts on tickets to scenic spots, especially in the summer tourist season to introduce discounts or even free tickets, which is unprecedented. After the opening of inter-provincial and domestic group tours, these policies have a positive effect on stimulating the summer tourism market. The key is to restore market confidence.

  However, while simply reducing the price of the promotion, it is also necessary to go beyond the limitations of the "ticket economy" thinking. The reduction of tickets does not mean that the quality is reduced. In addition to providing various reservation and flow control services in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, scenic spots should also take this opportunity to get rid of the "ticket economy", explore a variety of revenue projects, and provide tourists with more high-quality value-added services Services can further stimulate consumption in scenic spots.

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  Shanxi: From now until Monday to Friday working days at the end of this year, the first admission is free for 126 A-level scenic spots in Shanxi, including Wutai Mountain, Pingyao Ancient City, Yungang Grottoes and other scenic spots. Online and offline real-name appointments will be made at different times.

  Shandong: A total of 81 state-owned scenic spots have reduced their ticket prices starting from August 1, including famous scenic spots such as Mount Tai. Except for statutory holidays, on the basis of the ticket prices set by the original government, all tickets will be discounted by no less than 50%. For the remaining 72 state-owned scenic spots, on the basis of the ticket price set by the original government, a 20% discount will be applied on weekdays, and a 50% discount will be applied on weekends and statutory holidays.

  Guizhou: Starting from August 1st, A-level tourist attractions in Guizhou Province will implement a 50% discount on tickets for all tourists at home and abroad. The preferential period is until December 31, 2020. Tourists will complete online on platforms such as "One Code Tour Guizhou" After making an appointment, you can buy tickets online and offline.

  Hubei: Starting from August 8, nearly 400 A-level tourist attractions in Hubei will be open to tourists from all over the country without tickets. At the same time, Hubei also rewards subsidies through the establishment of tourism charter flights, tourism special trains, and tourism package tours.

  Xi'an: In the early stage, 34 A-level scenic spots, including the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Huaqing Palace, Xi'an City Wall, and Cuihua Mountain, are open to medical staff nationwide for free throughout the year, and a series of cultural tourism benefits will be introduced. It is reported that Xi’an, Shaanxi announced that starting from August 1st, the national 5A-level scenic spots Datang Furong Garden, Louguantai Eco-cultural Tourism Resort and other scenic spots will be opened free of charge. More than 80% of the city’s state-owned museums, industry museums, Non-state-owned museums are open to the public free of charge, and the Bell and Drum Tower, which is the largest and most well-preserved in the country, is gradually extended its opening hours.

  Qingdao: The 12 state-owned government-priced A-level tourist attractions in Qingdao are open to domestic and foreign tourists free of tickets. There are 12 state-owned scenic spots (spots) included in this free admission: Laoshan Scenic Area, Seaside Scenic Area Xiaoqingdao, Seaside Scenic Area Xiaoyushan, Seafood Museum (Qingdao Aquarium), Langyatai Scenic Area, Zhushan National Forest Park , Qingdao Museum of the German Governor Site (Guesthouse), Signal Hill Park, Qingdao Mountain World War I Site Park, Heshan Scenic Area. Ticket-free opening is not to enter the scenic spot at will, you still need to pass the scenic spot's access control system with the reservation code.