Signs of a strong return to tourism activity in the emirate with the high demand ... and the increase in global interest after the resumption of travel

Dubai is among the top 5 global cities on the hunt for holidays

  • The precautionary measures taken by Dubai have strengthened the tourist's confidence that he will find the most appropriate place to spend his vacation in a safe atmosphere. From the source

  • Hilal Al-Marri: "The speed of the Emirati economy's recovery is due to an accurate strategy and sound decisions, which the state took the initiative to implement in the face of (Covid-19)."


The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai (Dubai Tourism) said that Dubai is currently among the top five cities in the world in the top interests of Internet researchers for information about their preferred vacation destinations. The department stated that the precautionary measures taken by the emirate have strengthened the tourist’s confidence that he will find Dubai the most suitable place to spend his vacation in a completely safe environment, stressing that Dubai does not tolerate the application of strict safety requirements in all hotel, service and tourist facilities and facilities, in various regions of the emirate.

She indicated that there are signs of a strong return to tourism activity in Dubai with the increase in demand indicators and the increase in global interest after the resumption of travel, indicating that domestic tourism is an important tributary, as the occupancy rates of beach hotels in Dubai rose to 80% on weekends, while Dubai hotel establishments were keen on Provide incentives for various discounts and offers.

Momentum regained

In detail, the tourism sector in Dubai is preparing to restore the strong momentum, which has long characterized the vibrant city within its privileged location on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, which has been known for years as a major center for the movement of trade between East and West, to become today the capital of trade, tourism and shopping in the Arab world, with what it owns From various attractions that are unique to each other at the global level, while Dubai's long history as a preferred tourist destination in the region is one of the most important factors for the resumption of the strong movement of this vital sector after months in which global travel has been affected by the spread of the "Covid-19" virus, while the precautionary measures were The rapid precautionary measures that the UAE has generally taken initiative to implement and has been internationally appreciated, and the strict measures taken by Dubai in this regard, have led to the acceleration of the start of its economic recovery in the wake of the apparent success in controlling the crisis, whose repercussions affected most vital sectors around the world.


As Dubai has been setting up proactive plans and taking the initiative in all its steps towards the future, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai (Dubai Tourism) has taken upon itself the responsibility to work with companies and institutions operating in this vital sector, in order to find the necessary accelerators to accelerate the recovery of tourism activity. In the emirate, whether by encouraging domestic tourism or setting up programs to stimulate tourism coming from abroad, especially with the resumption of international air traffic, and Dubai airports begin to welcome visitors to the city, including tourists and visitors, starting from the end of the first week of July 2020, in light of the initial indications. Which indicates the growing interest in Dubai as a preferred tourist destination in the world, especially since the precautionary measures that it has applied in the face of the "Covid-19" crisis, from early in its beginnings, have enabled it to enhance the confidence of tourists that he will find in Dubai the most suitable place to spend his vacation in an atmosphere Amna was appreciated and praised by many relevant international bodies.

Potential destination

According to Dubai Tourism, the Emirate of Dubai is currently among the top five tourist destinations that are searched for on the Internet as a potential destination for travel, in light of the distinction achieved by the city and qualified it to be in 2019, and for the fifth year in a row, on the list of the most prominent Five destinations to attract international travelers, according to the MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index.

The UAE also topped the list of countries in the destinations most people in the world want to visit in 2021, according to a recent study conducted by the Swiss company "Connie", which specializes in booking luxury tourism trips.

Effective procedures

The Director General of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, Hilal Saeed Al-Marri, said: “Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the emirate continues to take effective measures within the strategy of resuming economic activity, as well as receiving tourists again.” .

Al-Marri added that «since that time, we have seen positive reactions from the global markets that export tourism, which promises to return to normal matters at the earliest opportunity. Undoubtedly, this response proves the success of the department’s strategy in pushing the tourism recovery process forward, coinciding with the gradual resumption of work. In the rest of the economic activities in Dubai, as well as the slow start of travel and aviation operations around the world ».

A tight strategy

Al-Marri attributed the credit for the speedy start of the recovery phase of the UAE economy in all its sectors, including the tourism sector, to the concise strategy and the correct decisions that the UAE took to implement in the face of this global crisis represented by the "Covid-19" pandemic, as it was a rapid and decisive deal with its various dimensions. It is a cornerstone to reach the good results achieved by the UAE in general and the Emirate of Dubai in besieging the virus, intensifying examinations, monitoring the infected and those in contact, providing them with the necessary medical care, appropriate isolation and quarantine facilities, and providing the necessary capabilities to combat the virus and protect residents and visitors, leading to a reduction in injuries and deaths. Al-Marri added, "We are optimistic that the tourism sector will regain its momentum, especially with the pivotal and important role played by our main partners, such as Emirates Airlines and Fly Dubai."


For his part, CEO of the Jumeirah Group, a subsidiary of "Dubai Holding", Jose Silva, said that most of the interest in visiting Dubai from the global markets was on the part of European and Russian tourists, and this is evidenced by the reservations requests received by the group through its website, which Its size has doubled over the past few weeks, and since Dubai began welcoming tourists and visitors again, starting from the seventh of last July, while the daily increase in reservations for its hotels and resorts has reached 109%, in relation to the number of hotel nights.

Safe Tourism

In turn, the Executive Director of the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commercial Marketing, Issam Kazem, said that the global crisis caused by the spread of the "Covid-19" virus has changed many concepts, foundations and standards in our world, and among these standards are those related to tourism and travel, where the element of safety and public health has become One of the most important elements that control a tourist's decision about the destination he may go to, pointing out that Dubai took this transformation into account, and worked to provide all guarantees that guarantee the visitor full protection, similar to what it provides to its residents, citizens and residents.

Kazim stressed that Dubai does not tolerate the application of strict safety requirements in all hotel, service and tourist facilities and facilities in the various regions of the emirate.

Domestic tourism

In addition, domestic tourism has been an important source for the tourism sector in Dubai, especially with the start of the easing of the strict preventive measures taken by its government since the beginning of the crisis, reaching restrictions on movement at times and disrupting some tourism and entertainment activities, as part of a careful and comprehensive control plan to besiege the virus. Corona »the new and limiting its spread, as domestic tourism came to compensate for the decrease in international reservations, and Dubai hotels witnessed a remarkable increase in the reservations of citizens and residents seeking to spend fun times with their families around Dubai, especially with the reduction of international travel. Since an early stage of easing, beach hotels witnessed high occupancy rates of about 80% during the weekend, while Dubai hotel establishments were keen to provide incentives, including discounts and various offers.


Dubai launched a number of distinguished initiatives to increase the level of reassurance of its residents, as well as its visitors, including the “Dubai Guarantee Seal” (DUBAI ASSURED) initiative, which is cooperating in its implementation by “Dubai Tourism”, Dubai Economy, and Dubai Municipality, to grant the seal to hotels, shopping centers and shops. , Restaurants, cafes, and tourist and entertainment destinations that demonstrate full compliance with health and safety guidelines and preventive protocols in force throughout the Emirate.

Dubai also strengthened its position as a safe destination by obtaining the Safe Travel Seal from the World Travel and Tourism Council, based on strict procedures and safety and public health protocols followed by the city.

Air traffic

Air traffic, as well as the hotel sector, witnessed a remarkable recovery with the resumption of international flights, and many countries opening their borders to travel. The increase in the volume of operations of Emirates Airlines and Fly Dubai shows strong positive signs, as the number of destinations covered by the airline network will increase. Emirates Airlines will fly to 70 cities on six continents by mid-August, while flydubai intends to increase its flights to 66 destinations this summer.

The global interest in visiting Dubai comes in light of the guarantees it offers to ensure that the tourist spend an enjoyable holiday in a very safe environment that provides him and his family with full protection, thanks to the careful application of all necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection.


Dubai affirmed that it does not relent in the face of crises that it sees as a space to discover opportunities, and based on this conviction, the period of temporary calm experienced by tourism activities in Dubai was an opportunity to study the plans necessary for a strong return whose features have already begun to appear, through coordination and close work. Dubai Tourism, along with its partners in the public and private sectors, has established programs that will attract tourists, and bring things back to the strong momentum of the sector in Dubai.

Promotions ... and free accommodation for children

Several of the best hotels in Dubai for families have announced the opportunity to enjoy great discounts and promotions on hotel reservations, during the current round of Dubai Summer Surprises.

The Dubai Festivals and Retail Corporation stated that the "Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights" hotel provides free accommodation for children aged 12 years or less, as well as the "Address Hotels and Resorts" group, which also provides free accommodation for children in a number of its best hotels this summer. The "Atlantis, The Palm" Hotel offers a show for children and families that allows them to enjoy interesting adventures, through the "Atlantis Aquaventure" water city.

She added that families can enjoy a wonderful holiday within the city at the H Dubai Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, where a maximum of two children under the age of 17 years can stay for free when sharing a room with parents, while the Aloft Palm Jumeirah offers an enjoyable stay for its visitors. On the Palm Island, while the "Ramada by Wyndham Jumeirah" hotel offers a wide range of offers for families looking to spend a summer vacation in the heart of Dubai. One child, 12 years old or younger, can stay and eat for free, when sharing a room with their parents.

She indicated that parents can enjoy their stay, while children play in the InterContinental Dubai Festival City Hotel.

Meetings and campaigns

Dubai Tourism has been holding a huge series of virtual remote meetings with more than 3000 of its partners within the country and around the world, in order to discuss plans, initiatives and programs that will restore tourism in Dubai to normal, and overcome what the Corona virus has brought about Global challenges, while the department launched many promotional campaigns online, in order to keep Dubai at the forefront of the concerns of tourists wishing to go to a safe tourist destination at this time, as well as after the end of the current global crisis.

• 109% daily increase in reservations for Jumeirah Group hotels and resorts, in relation to the number of hotel nights.

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