Celebrity blessing video with a maximum price of 200,000 yuan, recording video fee industry chain surfaced

Platform hawking star blessing video survey

  ● At present, it is not only difficult to standardize the sale of celebrity blessing videos on public channels, but also has certain legal risks.

  ● From a legal perspective, when a celebrity records a promotional video for a company, the more purpose is to establish a corporate image and achieve an eye-catching effect, but in essence, it still cannot change the identity of its advertising spokesperson. The endorsement advertisement bears corresponding legal responsibility, and cannot avoid legal responsibility by changing the language

  ● When a celebrity participates in commercial live broadcasts as advertisers, advertising operators and publishers, advertising spokespersons, product or service recommenders, etc., the most critical legal obligation is to ensure the authenticity and legality of advertising content from their respective perspectives. There is a mutual inspection obligation between various entities, and thus a complete and compliant advertising industry chain is formed

  □ Our reporter Zhao Li

  □ Qin Huamin, our intern

  In recent years, in the promotional videos of many small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-businesses, there are often celebrities’ blessing videos, such as corporate annual meetings, opening ceremonies, press conferences, and investment promotion conferences. Compared with inviting celebrity endorsements, the rules for this kind of recommendation and blessing video are much simpler. The celebrity only needs to take a short time and read the prepared copy to the camera to complete.

  However, the well-known artist Yang Di recently caused controversy over a blessing video.

  Recently, a large number of investors have reported on social networks that they have not paid the loan after the expiration of the platform. Some investors questioned that the platform lent the due creditor's rights to "Laolai." On July 24, Yili.com responded that the platform had stopped new lending on June 30.

  And Yang Di recorded a blessing video for Liliwang in 2017. On July 24, Yang Di issued a statement on his Weibo, stating that he was a video recorded by the propaganda party during the film promotion period, and was not a spokesperson for a profitable network suspected of fraud. He did not charge any fees for recording the video.

  One stone caused a thousand waves of waves, and the topic of celebrity blessing videos became raging.

Wide variety of blessing videos

The highest price is 200,000 yuan

  A reporter from the Rule of Law Daily searched an e-commerce platform with the keyword "Celebrity Blessing Video" and found that many businesses provide such services. A reporter from the Rule of Law Daily randomly clicked on 5 merchants, all of which scored above 4.8 for "baby description", "seller service" and "logistics service", and were marked as "high" by the e-commerce platform.

  A reporter from the "Rule of Law Daily" randomly entered a store called "XX Recording", whose business content was "star artists recording opening congratulations, congratulating the product launch, and promoting them." According to the customer service staff of the store, the prices of different stars are different. In the "Video Blessing List" provided by the customer service staff, the lowest price is 20,000 yuan, with young recitation artists Zhou Yang, Ding Wenshan, etc.; the highest is 200,000 yuan, including stars such as Rainie Yang, Wu Jing, Chen He and Tang Yan. The document also shows a value package of 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan, which includes multiple artists. According to rough statistics from reporters of the Rule of Law Daily, the number of celebrities shown in the document reached 127.

  A reporter from the "Rule of Law Daily" further asked the customer service staff to understand that the fee does not include tax, no invoice, and the customer needs to provide the recording copy, the length of time does not exceed 15 to 20 seconds. The customer service staff said that after determining which artist to record, you need to pay first and then record the video. When a reporter from the "Rule of Law Daily" asked about the authenticity, the customer service staff claimed that they had a cooperative relationship with the celebrities in the document list and needed to sign relevant contracts with customers.

  A reporter from the Rule of Law Daily saw in the sample provided by the customer service staff that the blessings included a celebrity’s wish for the establishment of a certain company, and some celebrities directly said, “I am very happy to be the spokesperson of the certain brand”.

  A reporter from the Rule of Law Daily mentioned that if a celebrity is invited to record a video blessing the opening of a hot pot restaurant, can he ask the celebrity to say that he is the spokesperson of the hot pot restaurant? The customer service staff said that this requires consultation with the celebrity.

  In addition, a reporter from the Rule of Law Daily found that there are also many websites selling such blessing videos. Randomly enter a website, you can see a wide range of blessing videos, including celebrity blessing live-action, foreign blessing, animated character dubbing blessing, wedding blessing, etc. Among them, in the blessing video for foreigners, people who speak the words of blessing include African children, European beauties, Thai princesses, and Saudi princes.

  According to the price displayed on the website, domestic celebrities are generally 10,000 to 100,000, including Yang Mi, Jing Tian, ​​Huang Bo, Zhong Liti and other celebrities; the price of foreign blessing videos is about 300 yuan.

Selling video at a clear price

Difficult to regulate and present risks

  Regarding video pricing, some people in the industry revealed that, first of all, artists have their own expectations. After getting them on the market, they have formed the result of market pricing after many purchases and sales negotiations, which are relatively stable. "Generally speaking, they will sell very well at the beginning. Expensive, artists will think that they should be very valuable, but people keep inquiring and lowering prices from them, and celebrities will find that the price is too high and the video can’t be sold. It’s almost zero cost to make a video, so I just stay here for a day. Yes, I recorded one hundred records. Even if I only charge 1,000 yuan for one record, I can earn 100,000 yuan for recording one hundred. But if the price is 100,000 yuan, no one may ask him to record it in a month."

  A reporter from the Rule of Law Daily found that the customer service staff of such platforms stated that users only need to provide a copy of the shooting requirements and copy within 30 words, and the platform will communicate the details with the celebrities or studios. However, not all the blessings of the listed stars can be purchased at will. For some big-name stars, you must first ask for specific content. The final decision on whether to record is in the hands of the stars. The price given by internet celebrities is relatively low, and the acceptance of recording blessings is also relatively high. In addition, in addition to platform communication, artists can also choose to enter the platform by themselves. The star team only needs to fill in personal information at the entry window, or directly contact the customer service staff to apply for entry.

  An artist agent told a reporter from the Rule of Law Daily that the general demand for recording videos would not use this form of ordering. Some of the blessing videos recorded by stars are advertising endorsements or commercial performances. Occasionally, friends will get married, open business, etc. When the other party invites to record a blessing video, they generally do not charge for the friend.

  The agent also mentioned that there is an industry chain in which celebrities charge fees by recording videos on domestic online platforms, but in the past, everyone did not know where to find them. Now there is a dedicated platform. After all, individuals and businesses have this kind of demand, but there is no celebrity channel, and some popular artists sometimes need to earn extra money. For newcomers or past artists, this is a way of survival. Many people in the circle do this. Also express understanding.

  A person in charge of an enterprise who has purchased the service told a reporter from the Rule of Law Daily that many people suffer from low brand awareness and limited sales. In this way, they will find some famous celebrities to promote their brands.

  However, compared to the relatively mature foreign platforms of the same type, Star Blessing’s clear price sale on public channels is currently not only difficult to standardize, but also has certain legal risks.

  An artist agent revealed to the media: “The operation of this type of intermediary platform is a bit like a show network, a casting platform or a real estate intermediary. Generally, the way for such intermediaries to survive is to set prices first. If a customer places an order, they will contact the star. They must also have celebrity channels, but the problem is to find celebrities to talk about cooperation. The celebrities may or may not record for you. If this platform collects money from netizens, there is a risk of losing money. Imperfections and loopholes must be existing."

  Industry insiders believe that celebrities’ offering blessings to individuals can be regarded as fan’s economic behavior. However, when they cooperate with companies, they are actually using a pan-advertising language and an act of positive statement because of their celebrity effect. Implying or expressing that this product should be widely promoted is essentially an act of advertising endorsement.

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