[Major financial prospects] China will announce July CPI 265 companies to disclose semi-annual reports

  Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, August 9th (Wu Yihan) This week, the price of gold kept breaking new historical highs, and the international gold price has now exceeded the threshold of US$2,000 per ounce. Next week (August 10th-August 16th), what major financial events will affect your "money bag"? Let's watch it in advance!

Data release

  Next week, China will announce July CPI, PPI, M2, social financing scale, fixed asset investment, total retail sales of consumer goods and other data; internationally, the United States will announce July CPI, PPI and the first week of unemployment on August 8. The European Union and Germany will release data such as the ZEW Economic Sentiment Index for August, and the United Kingdom and France will release the second quarter GDP data.

Market hotspot

1. 265 companies will disclose semi-annual reports next week

  A-share performance disclosure has begun to accelerate. According to the pre-disclosure schedule of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s regular reports, 265 companies will disclose the performance of the 2020 semi-annual reports next week, of which next Friday night will be the most, with 101 semi-annual reports centrally disclosed. Followed by next Monday night, reaching 56.

  At present, 99 of the above 265 companies have made performance forecasts, including 27 pre-increasing, 13 slightly increasing, 1 continuing to make profits, 8 turning losses, 7 pre-decreasing, 10 slightly decreasing, and 10 continuing to lose money , 14 companies lose first, and 9 companies are uncertain.

2. This year's first tranche of savings bonds will be sold on August 10

  According to the announcement of the Ministry of Finance, the issuance of the 2020 Savings Treasury Bonds will begin on August 10. The first and second tranches of the 2020 Savings Treasury Bonds (electronic) will be issued from August 10 to August 19. Among them, electronic savings treasury bonds pay interest annually, and investors can choose to buy them at underwriting bank outlets or directly online; certificate-style savings treasury bonds pay the principal and interest once at maturity, and investors can only buy them at bank outlets.

  According to the announcement, the first phase of the savings bond has a maturity of 3 years, a nominal annual interest rate of 3.8%, and a maximum issuance of 30 billion yuan; the second phase of a five-year term, a nominal annual interest rate of 3.97%, and a maximum issuance of 30 billion yuan. The interest of the two tranches of savings bonds will start on August 10, 2020, and the interest will be paid annually, and the interest will be paid on August 10 each year. The first installment will repay the principal and pay the last year's interest on August 10, 2023; the second installment will repay the principal and pay the last year's interest on August 10, 2025.

3. 400 billion yuan MLF expires

  Next week, 10 billion yuan of reverse repurchase will expire on the open market, and 400 billion yuan of MLF funds will expire on August 15. This Friday, the central bank launched a total of 10 billion yuan of reverse repurchase operations, which is the only time the central bank has carried out reverse repurchase this week. This week, 280 billion yuan of central bank reverse repurchases expired, achieving a net return of 270 billion yuan throughout the week.

  According to the Northeast Securities Research Report, overall, the August liquidity gap was mainly affected by fiscal expenditures, the centralized issuance of special bonds, and the maturity of MLF. The size of the August liquidity gap was about 1.3 trillion. According to the operating rules of the previous few months, it is expected that the central bank will conduct a one-off renewal of the medium-term lending facility (MLF) in mid-August.

4. The central bank issued 30 billion yuan of central bank bills in Hong Kong

  On August 13, the People’s Bank of China will issue the seventh and eighth central bank bills in 2020 through the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s central bank settlement system (CMU) bond bidding platform, with a total of 30 billion yuan. RMB 100 is issued through Dutch bidding, and the bid is the interest rate.

5. Large conferences will be held in many places across the country next week

  Domestic exhibition activities are gradually resuming. Next week, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao and other places will hold relevant large-scale conferences.

  From August 14 to August 16, the 8th China Electronic Information Expo will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Innovation Sharing, Open Cooperation", this year's e-Expo will adopt an online + offline approach, and will cooperate with China Electronics Show, China Internet of Vehicles Industry Exhibition, Shenzhen International Big Data and Storage Exhibition, Shenzhen International The Robot and Intelligent System Expo will be conducted in the form of five exhibition linkages. The exhibition area is expected to be nearly 100,000 square meters and more than 1,200 companies will participate.

  From August 13th to August 15th, the 21st China Environmental Expo will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition scale will reach 150,000 square meters. More than 1,800 well-known environmental protection companies from 24 countries will participate in the exhibition. Solutions for water, solid waste, air, soil, and noise pollution control in municipal, industrial, and rural areas.

  From August 10th to August 15th, the 22nd China Association for Science and Technology Annual Meeting with the theme "Reform, Opening, and Innovation Leading-Technology Empowers Cooperative Development" was co-sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Shandong Provincial People's Government. The main venue Located in Qingdao City. During the 6-day conference, a total of more than 30 events of 5 major series will be organized, and the "2020 Major Scientific Issues and Engineering Technical Problems" will be released to create an "Annual Conference Week" with rich content.

6. The EU assesses second quarter economic growth data for the second time

  Eurostat will announce its second assessment of economic growth in the second quarter on August 14. In the data released on July 31, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the EU and the Eurozone in the second quarter of this year decreased by 11.9% and 12.1% respectively from the previous quarter, and by 14.4% and 15% respectively year-on-year. This is the largest economic decline since the EU began to have relevant statistics in 1995.

Stock market frontier

1. IPO opportunities

  A total of 18 new shares will be listed for subscription next week.

  August 10 (next Monday), Kangtai Medical (purchase code: 300869), Jiemet (purchase code: 300868), Shengyuan Environmental Protection (purchase code: 300867), Anbiping (purchase code: 787393), Zhengfan 5 shares of Technology (subscription code: 787596) will be subscribed.

  On August 11th (next Tuesday), 4 shares of Space-Time Technology (subscription code: 707178), Huisheng Bio (subscription code: 300871), Eurofins (subscription code: 300870), and Nanda Environment (subscription code: 300864) opened for subscription.

  August 12 (next Wednesday), 4 shares of Mengtai High-tech (subscription code: 300876), Tianyang Technology (subscription code: 300872), Haichen shares (subscription code: 300873), Changhong Hi-tech (subscription code: 707008) Open the subscription.

  August 13 (next Thursday), Weikang Pharmaceutical (subscription code: 300878), Jinchun shares (subscription code: 300877), Parker New Materials (subscription code: 707123), Temple shares (subscription code: 707255) , Jiankai Technology (subscription code: 787356) 5 shares opened for subscription.

2. Institutions look at the market outlook

Guosheng Strategy: The Science and Technology Innovation Board will become the main battlefield in August

  In August, the Sci-tech Innovation Board will become the main battlefield. Mainly because of the following three factors: First, the stock funds are still at a low allocation, and incremental funds continue to enter the market; Second, the fundamentals of the technology growth sector will improve marginally in the second half of the year, and the prosperity of many sub-sectors will improve; Third, July 22 The lifting peak will provide a configuration "golden pit", which will become the starting point for science and technology innovation.

  So far, the market's concerns about lifting the ban have gradually eased, and at the same time, the profitability and growth advantages of the Sci-tech Innovation Board in the mid-term reporting period have emerged. More importantly, with the release of the Science and Technology Innovation 50 Index, the filing and issuance of the Science and Technology Innovation Board fund has been accelerated. With the subsequent directional irrigation of market funds, it is optimistic that the Science and Technology Innovation Board will become the main battlefield in August.

Zhongtai Macro: Judging the gold market needs to pay attention to Fed policy

  The recent performance of gold is very eye-catching, and it continues to hit historical highs. At the current point, whether the big gold market will end or continue, it is important to observe the Fed's currency over-issue rhythm. For example, the last wave of more than a decade of bull market in gold ended in 2013, which has a lot to do with the slowdown in the Fed’s over-issued currency.

  Judging from the current situation, the second outbreak of the US epidemic has stopped recovering economic indicators, and it is far from when the monetary stimulus policy is withdrawn. As long as the Fed's currency oversupply continues, the big gold market will not come to an end. It is important to follow up on changes in US economic indicators and changes in the Fed’s attitude towards monetary stimulus. Once the relevant direction changes, the logic of many asset allocations in the past few months may undergo a major reversal.

Guangdong Development Strategy: There is still room for upside in the market outlook

  As the current Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes are all running to near the highs of the previous stage, the market is susceptible to news stimulus and there is greater volatility. On August 7th (Friday), external disturbance factors re-emerged, coupled with the risk aversion in the market on the last trading day of Friday, which was the main reason for the decline in the stock index on August 7.

  Despite the market disturbances, from Friday's trend, the index still has upward momentum after bottoming out. The index is still expected to rise to the previous high point and the regional shock absorption resistance, waiting for the combined force of incremental funds and policy dividends. For a new round of trending opportunities, the current policy environment is relatively positive, and continued favorable policies will be conducive to the upward development of the subsequent market. In the short term, priority will be given to sectors with strong certainty. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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