The price of gold is soaring. An ounce crossed the $ 2,000 mark in London two days ago. Buyers are rushing to this safe haven in the face of the global economic crisis and the low attractiveness of traditional financial investments. While some are betting on a further increase, others are seeking to secure their savings. 

The price of gold is at its highest in all of its history. The ounce has, for the first time, crossed the mark of 2,000 dollars in London two days ago. Thursday, the rise continued with an ounce of gold at 2,049 euros. Logically, this historic high should cool buyers, yet they rushed for gold at the time of deconfinement. Fears linked to the post-coronavirus global economic crisis and the low attractiveness of traditional financial investments, especially life insurance, whose yield has never been so low, make gold a safe haven par excellence. 

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In the Paris Bourse district, a store is always full: "Godot et fils, sale and purchase of gold since 1933". Mainly buying clients, notes the forex trader David Knoblauch. "It doesn't matter that today we are at an all-time high, a level that we have never seen in all of human history, we have never seen so many customers who come to buy gold in our shops. "

Securing savings or need for liquidity

If some buy by betting on a continued surge in the price of gold, most say they want above all to secure their savings. "I am part of the middle class. I do not have a lot of money aside", explains Mathieu, 40 years old. "I can't secure this in stone, so I just chose gold. Gold has been used for 5,000 years."

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Even if they are less numerous, sellers are also benefiting from the rise in prices. "I heard that the price of gold had increased. It may continue to increase, certainly moreover, but too bad: I needed money now", confides Joëlle 55 years old, cross at the exit of the Comptoir national de l'Or place de la Nation in Paris. "It's the holidays, there are a lot of burglaries, so instead of having my gold stolen, you might as well sell it and have some pennies." She had been on her guard for several years. "I kindly let him climb," she said. "And there I said to myself: banco, it's now!"