“This message cannot be surpassed by impudence,” TASS quoted the deputy as saying.

According to him, the behavior of "the three senators shows that the previous protest of the FRG government against American actions is not working."

“I urge the German government to call the US ambassador. In addition, it is necessary, finally, to threaten with effective retaliatory measures and, under the circumstances, to take them, for example, by imposing fines on American LNG ... The Rubicon has clearly been crossed, ”the deputy said.

Earlier, the Handelsblatt newspaper reported, referring to the document, that the senators wrote a letter to the operator of the German port of Sassnitz, in which they called for an end to work to support the construction of Nord Stream 2.

The authors of the letter are Senators Ted Cruise, Tom Cotton and Ron Johnson.

As noted in the German Foreign Ministry, the tone and content of the appeal are completely inappropriate.