Reporter Kwon Aeri, a friendly economist. Reporter Kwon, the gold price of the fortress continues to rise and rise. How far is this up?


Yes. First, the price of gold is rising and falling internationally, so I see the price trend in dollars. Units are also often referred to as ounces, the unit for counting gold in America.

One ounce of gold weighs a little over 8.3 grams, or 31 grams, in terms of money, the old unit we still use to count gold.

This 8.3-dollar gold has been rising for the first time ever, exceeding $2,000. As of the close of the New York Mercantile Exchange, delivery in December was over $2,000 for the first time in history two days ago.

However, it continued to rise, and our time was just over $269.4 at dawn today (7th), and it ended at around $2,70. As of the last trading day, we have been breaking record highs for 8 days out of 9 days.

Looking at the price of gold in our market, it is moving around 80,000 won per gram on a gold spot basis that does not include the VAT of the stock exchange.

It was just over 58,000 won a year ago. He said that he climbed a lot at that time, but there is a record trend these days.

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know that gold is a safe asset, but there are many people who wonder why it goes up like this.


Yes. The price of gold keeps changing the highest price ever, because, above all, the United States is trying to make the dollar easier to find on the market than ever before.

The dollar is the most reliable money in the world, and if you have it, it's the basis for a transaction where you can trade anything with anyone. This is called a key currency.

However, this year, as the economic crisis caused by corona hits, the U.S. lowers the standard rate to 0%, and it means that you don't have to pay any interest even if you borrow money. That's how it cut interest rates, and it's the world's most aggressive and most massive dollar release.

Nowadays, every country has such a policy of releasing money, but the United States solves the dollar on a massive scale, and other countries can't do that much, but there are many ways to solve it.

Dollars are becoming more and more common on the market, and so the value of each dollar is falling. As raw materials, stocks, and so-called safe assets, as well as those called risky assets, all become valued against the dollar.

It is also called a kind of'dollar liquidity rally'. Among them, gold is the representative asset, the asset that can be used as a substitute for the dollar that can be assured if the dollar value is secured instead of the dollar.

The prospect of a solid recovery for the foreseeable future will be difficult for the foreseeable future, and the prospect of continuing to solve the dollar like this has been fueling gold prices recently.


Is it okay to buy gold then? Do you think it will continue to climb, how is it?

<Reporter> It's a

difficult problem, but there are many views that it continues to rise, because the atmosphere will continue for the time being.

It is a long-term burden for the United States to make the dollar appear weaker than gold as a substitute. It means that the position of the dollar can be shaken.

The situation is now compared to that of the post-crisis period, but as the financial crisis went up, the gold price hit a record high until 2011, and then fell sharply.

This seems to be because of the diversified policies of the US financial authorities that tried to protect the power of the dollar. If the situation changes rapidly, it is an asset that may suddenly lose value.

Besides, gold doesn't pay interest or dividends. You can't eat or wear it. In fact, it is just a yellow stone, except that it is a dollar substitute that cannot be arbitrarily increased or decreased because the amount of existence in the world is fixed.

In addition, if you buy real gold, it is also a burden to keep it at 10% VAT. Everyone is doing gold and gold, but it's not always an easy investment for individuals.

So, if you're interested in gold, I've said it before, but I'd like to tell you that it's wise to approach it as an investment that distributes risk, with the idea of ​​collecting little by little as if you were saving money.

There is only real thing to believe. If it is not like this, paper gold and paper gold that can be collected little by little like red gold are one of the methods.

The gold spot market operated by the stock exchange allows securities companies to buy 1 gram of gold like stocks.

If you don't find the gold in this way, you don't pay tax. Only the online fees of securities companies are charged.

Commercial banks' gold passbooks have the advantage of being able to buy much smaller and 0.01 grams more than that, but they have a commission and a dividend income tax of 15.4%.

The gold fund has the advantage that the expert manages the return more by investing more with gold instead of me. Again, you have to pay the upfront fees and income tax.