Weekly all-statistics came out. The upward trend continues to grow. As of the 3rd, the rental price of apartments nationwide rose 0.2%, which is higher than the week before. The same was true for the rental price of apartments in Seoul, so the rate of increase was 0.17%. On a weekly basis, it is the largest increase rate in the past 7 months since the end of last year, and it has risen for 58 consecutive weeks. With the implementation of the Lease Protection Act, there was an on-site voice saying that it became more difficult to find charter items.

Reporter Chan-Keun Park.

<Reporter> It

is difficult to find a house that has been chartered in a neighborhood in Seoul.

[Seoul Gangdong-gu Authorized Broker: The chartered property has become very valuable. However, the price has risen significantly.] The

110㎡ type of this apartment in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, which was chartered at 450 million won early last month, was traded at 500 million won on the 4th.

That's over 10% in a month.

As the Lease Protection Act, which enforced the right to apply for contract gangs and the rent limit on the previous month, was enforced, the number of landlords who received the rent in advance increased.

[Seoul Gangdong-gu Authorized Brokerage:'Oh, that's about 4 years I can get it'. Charter only now (hoga) has risen to as much as 650 million won.] As the

rent of the set price spread to the whole country, the rate of increase in the rent of the apartment in the country last week reached the highest level in 4 years and 10 months.

Sejong City continued to rise by 2.41% in one week, and Gwacheon, Hanam, and Gwangmyeong in Gyeonggi Province close to Seoul also continued their high streak.

In Seoul, the rise rate of Gangnam 4-gu was relatively high, around 0.3%.

[Kim Jinyu/Professor, Department of Urban Transportation Engineering, Kyonggi University: The rent to cheonsei rent will decrease a lot. Four years locked when the arithmetic think even gonna market it controlled to be 1 of 2 minutes, I reduced the sale comes to charter]

While the prior offer greatly increased, including 03 new cities in measures 8, 4 supplied subscription pent-up demand It is also expected to increase, which is also a cause of anxiety in the charter market.

(Video coverage: Dong Hyuk Lee, Video editing: Hojin Kim, CG: Seo Seunghyun)