Chinanews client, Beijing, August 6 (Reporter Xie Yiguan) In the hot summer, many people want to buy moisture-absorbing and quick-drying clothes, but can these clothes really absorb moisture and dry quickly?

  The Beijing Consumers Association recently tested 40 moisture-absorbing and quick-drying clothes, and the results showed that 12 of them had quality problems, involving brands such as MAMMUT, Marmot, ASICS, and Xtep.

  Product identification is the information and content marked on the product or packaging. After verification, 1 sample out of 40 samples does not meet the standard requirements, mainly due to the inconsistency of the specifications and types in the product identification of different forms of samples.

  The color fastness to alkali perspiration refers to the degree of color retention of textiles in alkaline sweat. After testing, among the 40 samples, 1 sample does not meet the requirements of national standards for its color fastness to alkali and perspiration. It is a men's knitted sportswear of UNDER ARMOUR.

Screenshot from Beijing Consumers Association report

  Moisture absorption and quick-drying refers to clothing that quickly absorbs sweat produced by the body, drains it to the outer layer as much as possible, and volatilizes as soon as possible, so that the body can keep dry. In this comparative test, 40 samples purchased online all showed hygroscopicity, quick-drying or moisture-absorbing and quick-drying functions on the web page or tag publicity.

  After testing, there are only 13 samples showing quick-drying properties (quick-drying), all of which meet the standard requirements; 27 samples showing both hygroscopicity and quick-drying properties (quick-drying), and 11 samples failing to meet the standard requirements .

  Question samples include MAMMUT men’s short-sleeved shirts, Marmot men’s shirts, Lafuma T-shirts, MIZUNO round neck short-sleeved T-shirts, Ozark T-shirts, Umbro UMBRO short-sleeved cultural shirts, Northland Lanlan Lee Ladies' quick-drying short-sleeved T-shirt, ASICS women's sports tights, Xtep short-sleeved sweater, Peak basketball short suit, 361° sports cropped pants.

Screenshot from Beijing Consumers Association report

  It is worth noting that among the 11 samples with poor moisture absorption and quick-drying properties, the tag did not indicate the moisture-absorbing and quick-drying function, and there were 8 samples that claimed to have this function on the website. Both the tag and the web page publicity claim that there are 3 samples with this function.

  In this regard, the Beijing Consumers Association reminds consumers that when buying clothing products, they should pay attention to checking the product instructions, whether the content is complete, and the labeling is accurate and standard; moisture-absorbing and quick-drying products are mainly divided into two categories: quick-drying and moisture-absorbing quick-drying. Consumers should choose according to actual needs; pay attention to the fiber content marked on the product when buying moisture-absorbing and quick-drying clothing; ask for and keep the shopping voucher, so that they can effectively protect their legal rights after quality problems. (Finish)