The 2020 Service Trade Fair will be held in early September. For the first time, evening activities will be added to add luster to Beijing’s night economy; the outdoor venue is expected to be completed on August 15th. The Service Trade Fair
  will host more than 100 forums and negotiations.

  Schematic diagram of the construction of temporary outdoor venues in the public area of ​​the Olympic Park by the Service Trade Fair in 2020. Photo/Beijing Bureau of Commerce

  Schematic diagram of the “Welcome Gate” of the temporary outdoor venue of the Service Trade Fair in 2020. Photo/Beijing Bureau of Commerce

  The 2020 China International Service Trade Fair ("Service Trade Fair") will be held in Beijing in early September. This is also the first major international economic and trade event organized by my country since the outbreak of the epidemic.

  At the press briefing held on the morning of August 4, the day-to-day work leader of the Office of the Leading Group of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Service Guarantee and Service Guarantee of the 2020 Service Trade Association, Sun Yao, the deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced that the 2020 Service Trade Association will host a global Seven types of activities including service trade summits, summit forums, industry conferences and professional forums, side talks, exhibitions, results announcements, and supporting activities are organized in the form of "online and offline integration". At present, the digital platform of the Service Trade Fair has been officially launched; the construction of outdoor venues has been started on July 1, and is expected to end on August 15.

  At the 2020 Foreign Business Association and Foreign Enterprise Exchange Meeting of the Service Trade Association held in the afternoon, Yan Ligang, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced that the current Service Trade Association has designed two types of supporting activities. Evening activities were added for the first time this year, including theme nights, business salons, etc., to add luster to Beijing’s night economy; the other is off-site activities, recommending Beijing’s characteristic science, technology, and cultural tourism consumption resources and routes to exhibitors, and providing exhibitors with an in-depth experience of the new capital Image, new technology and new services provide diversified choices.

  Key words 1 globalization

  141 international organizations and embassies in China confirmed their participation

  The reporter learned from the news briefing that as of August 3, 141 international organizations, embassies, business associations and institutions in China have confirmed their participation. Including 17 international organizations, 65 embassies in China, 59 foreign business associations and institutions, involving 98 countries and regions.

  More than 2,000 domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations participated in the exhibition. Among them, there are more than 1,200 offline exhibitors and more than 200 overseas exhibitors; more than 700 online exhibitors and more than 300 overseas exhibitors, with an internationalization rate of 44%.

  Relevant national ministries and commissions are taking the lead in the formation of a central non-financial enterprise trading group and a central financial enterprise trading group to establish a backbone of domestic exhibitors, conferences, and procurement; 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have established trading groups to organize the region Enterprises participating in the exhibition will enhance the breadth of national investment and exhibition. In order to prepare for the service trade fair, Beijing's 16 districts and the Economic and Technological Development Zone have established trading groups respectively to organize enterprises from their jurisdictions to participate in the fair.

  Keywords 2 high-end

  More than 20 forums involving hot spots such as the Winter Olympics, digital trade, and 5G

  Sun Yao introduced that this session of the Service Trade Fair has decided to hold more than 100 forums and negotiations, including 4 summit forums, more than 100 industry seminars and industry promotion negotiations, and nearly 30 special events in overseas countries and regions.

  Among them, more than 20 forums were held on hot topics such as the Winter Olympics, digital trade, and 5G communication services. Currently, international organizations, national ministries and commissions, embassies in China, domestic and foreign business associations and other institutions hold 43% of forums and discussions; the executive chairman of the International Olympic Committee, the president of the International Banking Federation, the chairman of the UNESCO Executive Board, etc. Nearly 10 heads of international organizations have initially confirmed their participation; nearly 20 executives from well-known domestic and foreign companies such as Fujitsu, Ericsson, Huawei, Siemens, Societe Generale, Baidu, etc. have initially confirmed their participation; Lin Yifu, Wei Shangjin, Wu Hequan, Chai Hongfeng, etc. Economists and academicians initially confirmed their participation.

  Key words 3 preferential policies

  Free online exhibition service until 3 months before the next exhibition

  Yan Ligang, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced that the current service trade fair has introduced various preferential policies, including free online exhibition services, free of charge until 3 months before the next service trade fair. Provide free online supply and demand docking service. Exhibitors can publish their project requirements in the official website column and operation platform of the Service Trade Fair. The platform will provide intelligent matching and online negotiation functions. If you have the need for online conferences, you can make an appointment to apply for cloud conferences on the official website of the Service Trade Fair for free.

  In addition, provide corresponding incentive policies for offline excellent forum conference activities. The offline forum meeting activities will be evaluated according to factors such as the level of important guests participating in the conference, internationalization level, iconic achievements, meeting attendance, etc., and certain awards will be given to the selected offline excellent forum meeting activities and the host.

  Keyword 4 "cloud exhibition hall"

  The online exhibition platform is fully open to exhibitors

  Sun Yao introduced that this year's Service Trade Fair integrates important exhibitions and contents such as Beijing Cultural Expo, Tourism Expo, China International Expo, Winter Expo, Robotics Conference, etc., and establishes a new model of "1+8+N".

  "1" is a comprehensive exhibition area, including the prologue hall, public health and epidemic prevention zone, country, province, district and city zone, and service trade zone for enterprises in the twelve fields of service trade, focusing on displaying the latest trends, latest technologies, latest products, and China Solutions, etc.; "8" is 8 industry special exhibitions, cultural services, financial services, winter sports, tourism services, service robots, education services, sports services, 5G communication services and other special exhibitions will be concentrated on the service trade fair; "N "It is to set up a number of functional service areas according to local conditions and provide supporting services such as negotiation, experience, and catering for exhibitors.

  In addition, in response to the development trend of the convention and exhibition industry "from physical to virtual, from offline to online" under the background of the epidemic, based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, and virtual reality, the current service trade fair has built a digital platform .

  On June 16, the digital platform of the Service Trade Fair was officially launched, realizing 8 basic functions including online registration, booth management, negotiation room, and conference management.

  On July 16, the "Cloud Exhibition Hall" was fully opened for exhibitors, and 5 important functions including the Cloud Exhibition Hall, Cloud Conference Reservation, Project Release, Smart Matching, and Customer Service Center were launched.

  At present, various functions of the online exhibition platform covering the entire process of exhibition display, forum meeting, negotiation and signing, operation management, and full scene have been fully launched.

  Key words 5 epidemic prevention

  Offline exhibitions are scheduled to be viewed by time and area

  Sun Yao introduced that, with full consideration of the global epidemic, the current service trade fair will be held in a “combination of online and offline” methods. Overseas guests and exhibitors will mainly participate in online exhibitions, and various domestic entities will participate in offline exhibitions. Mainly.

  Offline exhibitions are held in indoor and outdoor exhibition halls. The outdoor venues will be well ventilated. The flow of people will be scientifically controlled by appointments by time and region, and sanitary and epidemic prevention measures will be strictly implemented to ensure the safety of exhibitors. For online exhibitions, digital exhibition halls, electronic booths, etc. are set up through the digital platform of the Service Trade Fair to provide an online display platform for overseas exhibitors. The digital platform of the Service Trade Fair also provides offline exhibitors with online display opportunities. If the epidemic changes, a full online exhibition display can be realized.

  Offline forums and negotiation activities are held in the National Convention Center, Asia Finance Building and outdoor venues. The scale of the conference is determined scientifically, and the health and epidemic prevention measures are strictly implemented to ensure the safety of participants. Online forums and negotiation activities mainly set up virtual meeting rooms, negotiation rooms, etc. through the digital platform of the Service Trade Fair to provide guests with services such as intelligent customer service, online translation, digital authentication and electronic signing, realizing live broadcast, remote video connection, and online Online meeting functions such as private negotiation. The service trade fair digital platform can also realize the online live broadcast of offline conferences, and make technical preparations for completely online forum negotiation activities.

  ■ Visit

  5 "Welcome Gates" are set up in outdoor temporary venues from south to north

  The temporary outdoor venue of the Service Trade Fair in 2020 is under construction. On August 4, the reporter saw at the construction site of the Olympic Park that the first "welcoming door" had taken shape, and the exhibition board "September, I'll be waiting for you at the Service Trade Fair" was erected from the side. To the effect of the outdoor temporary venue, the facade is a "rainbow" gradient, with a total of 5 "welcoming doors" from south to north.

  According to Qi Hang, a staff member of the venue facilities protection team of the 2020 Service Trade Fair, the outdoor temporary venue is 1.9 kilometers in length from the National Stadium South Road in the south and Kehui South Road in the north. The entire area is divided into the South, Central and North by the National Stadium North Road and Datun Road. Seven outdoor thematic exhibition areas including cultural services, winter sports, financial services, sports services, service robots, education services, and 5G communication services will be arranged from south to north; in addition, security inspection, registration, catering and other supporting service points will be arranged according to the requirements of the exhibition.

  In the style design of the outdoor temporary venues, it highlights the thematic features and the overall visual image of the Service Trade Fair, and pays attention to the integration with the surrounding buildings and environment. The facade and top surface of the exhibition hall are decorated with landscape cloth to form a "rainbow" gradual effect. A complete spatial sequence is formed along the landscape avenue. There are 5 "Yingbin Gates" set up on the landscape avenue from south to north, which echoes the Olympic Sea and Yangshan in the Northern Forest Park, and at the same time divides the "courtyard" space with Chinese cultural characteristics. The entrance of the exhibition hall is equipped with a wind and rain corridor, which provides convenient services such as rest for the exhibitors.

  It is reported that the construction of the outdoor temporary venue started on July 1, and the overall structure is expected to be completed on August 15.


  ●In each session of the Service Trade Fair, we choose themes that suit the development of the times to participate in the exhibition based on the trade situation between China and Japan. For example, after we exhibited on the theme of Japanese tourism services and Japanese specialties in 2018, the number of Chinese visitors to Japan reached 9.6 million, the highest in the past. Although it is difficult to organize exhibitors from overseas due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, we are also looking forward to the new exhibition model that will integrate online and offline.

  ——Masaki Araki, Deputy Director, Beijing Representative Office, Japan External Trade Organization

  ●The Chinese government has always been committed to promoting global cooperation. The service trade fair at this time can bring out a very important message and action to the world, that is, the Chinese government will continue to open up the market, continue to improve the business environment, and jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind.

  ——Shi Nengzi, Deloitte China North China Leading Partner

  ●Although the epidemic has ravaged the world this year and the Swiss economy has been hit hard, our attitude towards fully supporting the FTS has not changed, and our active publicity efforts have not diminished. There is no determination to complete the high-quality exhibitions at the FTS. change. We are confident to complete the task, and we must use practical actions to sing a good voice for the overseas propaganda of the China-Switzerland and present the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Switzerland.

  ——Zhang Xinyi, Chief Representative of China, Switzerland·Europe-China Enterprise Confederation

  Beijing News reporter Chen Lin