<Monthly Real Estate Measures> August issue-Supply side outlined. It is said that more than 132,000 new residential areas have been prepared mainly in Seoul. It contains 33,000 homes, including the Taereung Golf Course in Nowon-gu and the site of the'Kamp Kim' of Yongsan U.S. military, and supplies 70,000 units by allowing high-density development in public reconstruction.

From the Prime Minister of Economic Affairs Hong Nam-gi, who oversees the housing supply TF, to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Kim Hyun-mi, and Seoul Mayor Seo Jeong-hyup, the policy makers in the Ministry of Land's Housing Office announced and explained the policies on the morning of the 4th. Many questions were asked about the effectiveness of public reconstruction and redevelopment, which accounts for more than half of the measures, and the background of the estimated scale. We summarized the main questions and the government's position on the yesterday's (4th) briefing.

※To summarize and summarize the briefings that took place at the same time in Seoul and Sejong, the order of questions and answers has been adjusted for the convenience of readers.

● What is the overall scale?

Q. What is the share of pre-sale and public rentals among 13.2 million households?

A. Public housing districts are required to supply more than 35% of the total amount to rental housing under the Public Housing Special Act. Some state-owned land may supply the whole as rental housing. So it is difficult to say uniformly, but about half of them are rental houses. It will be modified little by little at the stage of establishing a specific business plan.

It is difficult to estimate collectively for public high-density reconstruction because the contribution ratio of donations can vary, and the proportion of public presale and public lease varies accordingly.

Q. I emphasized the supply for 3040. How much is it in terms of quantity?

A. If the system improvement contents derived from the July 10 Real Estate Measures are applied, it is expected that more than 50% of the supply will increase for the first time in life, such as for home buyers, young people, and newlyweds. However, it is also difficult to say collectively.

● Public reconstruction 50,000, effective?

Q. More than half of new supplies are public redevelopment and reconstruction. (70,000) Is it possible to actually supply?

A. The grounds for the 50,000 households for high-density reconstruction are currently designated as maintenance zones in Seoul, but there are 93 workplaces in Seoul, and there are about 260,000 units. Of these, about 20% were considered to participate in public reconstruction, and 50,000 were calculated.

It is thought that it is difficult for all complexes to rebuild publicly, and in particular, complexes that have been approved for implementation of the project consider it difficult to change it and return to dense reconstruction. So I think this high-density reconstruction will work for the initial business site. It is assumed that about 20% of these initial establishments participate.

Q. What was the 20% estimate? To what extent have you been willing to participate?

A. It does not mean that "the demand is 50,000 as we gather the unions that we will ask for their opinions directly." This is an estimate that has not yet been explicitly confirmed by the union or owners. This means that the government will encourage participation and supply about 50,000 units under the assumption that a certain percentage of the workplaces in the demand stage will participate. In the future, it is necessary to make efforts to enable many complexes to participate in the project through publicity or explanation.

Q. Will the private sector want to participate in public reconstruction to that extent? Is there a means to enforce it?

A. Member consent is required. It is not a compulsory situation. Of course, there is a relatively low incentive to participate in a project where the business is good, or the union alone can conduct business without public participation and without high-density development.

However, much of the profits will be publicly reimbursed, but members may prefer those benefits that increase floor area ratios and lift floor restrictions. If this is a place where there is little business feasibility and there is no consensus among residents, or at a very early stage, this project is sufficient if the public's participation speeds up the progress of the project and improves the transparency of the project promotion process and reduces the burden on the union. I think there is an incentive to participate in

Q. Isn't it too optimistic when the profits from the increase in floor area ratio are mostly returned?

A. Of course, there is the nature of the target, but by securing the business feasibility through sufficient floor area ratio, and by directly participating in the public, the problem of lack of transparency, conflict within the union, and the burden of funds that may appear in the early stages of the project implementation I think that if you consider LH or SH, which is a development company, rather than a non-professional union, it will be more smoothly promoted. In the future, we plan to actively support the members of the public through understanding of the system and promoting the business model so that they can accurately understand and participate in the public reconstruction.

Q. There are also opinions that it will be effective if several regulations, such as the requirement for real residence, have been released for more than two years. Any additional mitigation measures?

A. The fact that you have to live for more than 2 years in reconstruction still gives priority to those who have lived in the area for more than 2 years at the time of sale. Originally, reconstruction is suitable for that purpose because it is this kind of reorganization project to make the neighborhood where you live in a new, better living environment. There are no special changes to other regulations.

Q. If the floor area ratio is increased to 500%, are there any violations of current building codes?

A. Since the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the owner of the maintenance plan, decides the appropriate floor area ratio by considering the regulations of various existing city plans, such as increasing the floor area ratio, but only conditions or overcrowding, such areas will be sufficiently considered in the process of granting the floor area ratio. will be.

Q. Public reconstruction has the advantage of shortening the project period. How effective is it?

A. We believe that public redevelopment will be reduced by 10 to 5 years. Public reconstruction could not be estimated. The government will endeavor to shorten to a similar level through the support TF.

● Excavating 33,000 homes… how?

Q. What is the amount of short-term supply that people can live in within 1~2 years or can supply within 2~3 years?

A. If there is no building, construction can be started early, and if a site with a public building is demolished, construction can be done quickly. It may take some time to move in, but construction can be faster than you think.

Taereung CC site also plans to receive an advance subscription at the end of next year. It seems that it will take some time for the Public Procurement Service to relocate, and the diplomat has an idle site, but the idle site seems to be ready for business.

Q. Yongsan Campkim has not been returned from the US military yet, what are your plans?

A. Campkim is conducting an environmental investigation. Since the site has already been relocated to the US military, there will be no obstacle to early return if only negotiations between the two countries are completed on environmental issues. The Ministry of National Defense also plans to actively negotiate. The goal is to get it back this year. Of course, this is a situation that requires consultation with the US military, so it cannot be said at any time. After receiving the return, we plan to proceed as soon as possible.

Q. Since the preservation of the green belt is a principle, Taereung decided to develop it. Why?

A. Since Taereung CC is an area created with artificial facilities and operated as a golf course, it is difficult to see the original shape as it is, and it is difficult to say that it is contrary to the Green Belt Conservation Principle because it is a land with very low conservation value. The location conditions for supplying housing were comprehensively reviewed and selected through review of related organizations.

Q. Why was this site selected among several housing sites?

A. Sites in downtown Seoul were discovered in consultation with government departments, as well as those shared by the government and those proposed by the city. Some of the public lands that are currently used as administrative property, and some of the unsold sites were also uncovered this time. This is the case for the unsold site of SH Sangam. It wasn't done with special standards, but it was discovered in consultation with institutions.

● Housing policy, where are you going?

Q. It seems to have the intention of renting a house rather than owning it, because people want to own a house because they prefer to live in stability even if they suddenly get laid off or can't pay their rent due to retirement. What is the solution to this problem?

A. It is not a lease-oriented policy. The government has announced a number of supply measures, and a significant portion of them are pre-sale. It is not just to rent without the amount of presale.

The most urgent and important thing to stabilize the housing of low-income people is to provide stable and continuous supply of public rental housing. The share of public rental housing in Korea will reach just 8% this year. By 2022, 9% of the OECD average will be supplied, and by 2025, 10% will be provided, and 25% of all rented households are under construction to create a foundation for living in public rental housing. In that case, I think that the stability of housing for young and newlyweds and low-income families can be secured, and life can be stabilized.

Q. Is the policy to introduce post-sale drugs repealed as we continue to expand pre-subscriptions?

A. There is no change in the government's policy to expand post-sale, and pilot projects are now underway. However, since many people are worried about supply, this is to increase the number of pre-subscriptions this time and to relieve these demands by dispersing them in advance. The pre-subscription system will be established next year and the next year will be centered on new cities, and if possible, Taereung CC housing site will be introduced if pre-subscription is possible. We do not pre-subscribe to the entire quantity.