"Contactless sales" with new corona introduced by major life insurance company August 3 8:00

Foreign insurance companies will introduce a system that allows them to complete life insurance contract procedures online without ever having to meet sales representatives. In order to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, we are expanding the business where we do not contact people as much as possible.

Life insurance generally involves face-to-face contact between sales personnel and customers, but Japan's largest cancer insurance company, Aflac Life, will introduce a new online procedure system this month.

Connect the salesperson's computer and the customer's smartphone, and display the product materials and contracts on each other's screen to proceed with the procedure.

Finally, the customer traces the screen of the smartphone to sign, and the procedure is completed without even having to meet the sales representative.

It means that this is the first system for a major life insurance company, except for the Internet specialist.

Keijiro Kagetani said, “The need for non-face-to-face contact is increasing. We want to make use of it so that we can get enough consultation online.”

Nippon Life is also starting to introduce insurance products using LINE, which is a free phone call application, and is considering introducing an online contract system next year, and sales to avoid contact with people to prevent infections are expanding. I will.