Real estate measures are expected to be of the utmost concern in the coming weeks starting August.

The direction of HDC Hyundai Development (Hyunsan)'s acquisition of Asiana Airlines is also paying attention.

According to the government and the financial sector, the main concern for the economy next week is likely to be the real estate market.

This is because the tax laws related to the real estate market mentioned above and the housing supply measures are in sync.

The first point is whether to amend the comprehensive real estate tax law, corporate tax law, and income tax law proposed in the December 16 of last year and the June 17, July 10 real estate measures this year.

The amendment to the Subdivision Tax Act includes raising the tax rate from the current 0.6 to 3.2% to 1.2 to 6.0% for each taxable standard section for owners of more than 3 houses or 2 houses in the adjusted area.

The amendment to the Corporate Tax Law included the addition of the basic tax rate for housing transfer tax held by corporations, and increased the additional tax rate for corporate taxes from the current 10% to 20%.

In the amendment to the Income Tax Law, we raised the tax rate of the transfer tax on short-term homes with less than two years, and houses in the reconciliation area of ​​multi-homeowners.

The opposition opposes these three laws, but there is currently no way to prevent them if the ruling Democratic Party pushes along with the ruling party.

Inside and outside the National Assembly, it is an atmosphere that greatly sees the possibility that the related 3 laws will pass on the 4th.

The government will come up with measures to supply housing around the time the tax law passes.

It is expected to include regulations such as increasing the supply of urban housing and discovering new residential areas by easing regulations such as floor space ratio and floor height restrictions.

Hong Nam-ki, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance, said at the National Assembly's Planning and Finance Committee, "If the housing supply measures are announced, I think there will be a lot of impacts and effects on the market by supplying a large amount of supplies." I mentioned that.

On the 4th, the National Statistical Office announces consumer price trends.

It is a concern to escape the minus prices.

In June, consumer prices rose 0.0%.

It is out of the minus (-0.3%) recorded in May, but many analysts say it is too early to predict a positive conversion.

The Korea Development Bank will hold an online press conference next week to reveal its position on the issue of HDC Hyundai Development (Hyunsan)'s acquisition of Asiana Airlines.

The creditor's position is expected to come up with the request for re-examination of Asiana Airlines.

If the difference between the position of the acquisition entity, Hyunsan, and the sale entity, Kumho Industries and creditors, is not narrowed, there is an observation that the acquisition of Asiana Airlines will eventually be nullified.

Hyunsan is urging to re-examine due to the change in the acquisition environment after the new coronavirus infection, but Kumho Industry and creditors are expressing their doubts about the willingness to take over.

(Photo = Yonhap News)