Mazda April-June settlement of accounts final loss 66.6 billion yen deficit Sales decreased due to new corona July 31 18:23

Mazda's report The three-month financial results from April to last month resulted in a net loss of 66.6 billion yen due to the worldwide decline in sales due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Mazda announced that the financial results for the three months from April to last month were 376.6 billion yen in sales, down 55% from the same period of the previous year, and the final loss was 66.6 billion yen in the red did.

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, car sales fell in Europe and Japan except China, and the number of vehicles sold decreased by 30% from the previous year. It has been eight years since then.

On the other hand, regarding the earnings forecast for one year until March next year, which has not been decided so far, it is said that sales will recover toward the second half of the year, and sales have decreased by 16% from the previous year to 2,850 billion yen, the final We expect to make a deficit of 90 billion yen.

Akira Marumoto, president of Mazda, said in a conference call, "While the outlook for demand is uncertain, we will hold fixed costs such as advertising costs and R&D costs while at the same time launching new cars and selling in line with market recovery. We want to grow and secure profits."