Mitsubishi Chemical Introduces performance wages to managers No undesired relocations to general managers August 1: 6:53


A major chemical manufacturer, "Mitsubishi Chemical," has established a policy of radically changing its personnel system. For managers, we have introduced a system called “job-type” that determines wages based on the outcome of work rather than the number of years of service, and general employees will stop transferring jobs that they do not want.

Beginning in October, Mitsubishi Chemical will radically review its personnel system based on the "Senior service hierarchy" in which salaries increase according to the number of years of service.

For approximately 4,000 managers, we will introduce a system called the “job type” that determines wages based on the results and content of work, rather than the number of years of service and working hours.
As a result, we will switch to a system of salary increases that reflects the results of work.

We will also review personnel changes in general employees.
Each department recruits the necessary personnel within the company, selects the employees who applied and decides the assignment destination.
As a general rule, transfer of non-regular employees who do not wish to do so will be eliminated, and managers will be given the right to avoid transfer.

The company aims to motivate employees and acquire excellent human resources by creating a personnel system that emphasizes employee independence and work performance.