High operating costs, online training prevails

  Where is the road to sports training after the epidemic?

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  With the reduction of the new crown pneumonia epidemic from level two to level three, Beijing sports training will also be allowed to be taught indoors from next week. So far, most cities across the country have also ushered in a new stage of sports training in the post-epidemic period. However, sports training that has been hit by the epidemic now presents new problems that are different from the past.

  Different projects face different challenges

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic hit, all industries were hit, the sports training industry has become a "hardest hit area", and the epidemic prevention and control situation is severe. Beijing sports training venues are locked again after only one week of opening.

  The person in charge of a fencing club located next to the Dongsi subway station in Beijing's second ring road said that after receiving a notice from the Beijing Sports Department to allow it to open, a notice was issued to the student group and the sword group as soon as possible. This is the second time he has issued a club resumption notice this year. Fencing is both an indoor event and a face-to-face event. For the health of the students, he and the club coaches strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the relevant departments and dare not be careless.

Little player on the football field. Photo by Liao Yi, an all-media reporter of Guangzhou Daily

  As far as the losses caused by the epidemic are concerned, he did not hurt his muscles and bones. "The tuition fees were paid at the end of last year or renewed. If there is an impact, the enrollment in the first half of this year has been abolished. After all, there is no experience. I’m a child, but our sword hall was originally small in scale, and it was attached to Dengshikou Primary School, so the source of students was basically fixed.” He emphasized that those large fencing clubs that rely solely on commercial operations and corporate operations do have a big impact. , It is necessary to supplement a large number of new trainees every year; secondly, the coaching team is large in number and expensive; and the rent of venues is astronomical.

  According to him, the micro-level of the epidemic is really affected by the coaches in the club. "In addition to the prescribed class hours, private lessons are another source of income for coaches. We only pay for each student’s private lessons. I charge a small amount of venue fees. Most of them belong to the coaches. Every day, almost 2-3 children earn 400-600 yuan. So I know that some club coaches quit their jobs and went to Jiangsu and Zhejiang because of Beijing’s strict disease control and the southern epidemic. Relatively better, the local resumption of work and production measures are flexible, and many clubs need to supplement coaches."

  In Guangzhou, football training for outdoor events under the epidemic is also difficult. These football training institutions all rely on renting third-party venues to carry out training. The cost of renting is higher than other sports such as basketball, and the number of coaches is also larger. Under the influence of the epidemic, these institutions have been hit hard. The rented football field is outside the school. Classes have gradually resumed from May, but the field is in the school, so most of them still cannot enter the school normally to carry out training. Regardless of whether the school is inside or outside the school, the rent of venues has not been basically reduced due to the epidemic. The operators can only relieve the financial pressure by continuously compressing the coaching staff. This has also led to at least one third of the football training coaches in Guangzhou losing their jobs or changing jobs during the epidemic.

  The problem of football training in the post-epidemic period is the lack of games. Holding youth football games in the summer is the designated action of the previous training institutions. Taking the summer vacation in 2019 as an example, various training institutions in Guangzhou hold more than 10 summer camp-style competitions in various places, and most of the competitions are within one week. However, affected by the epidemic this year, on the one hand, it is difficult for the organizers to find a suitable place to host the game. On the other hand, many teams are unable to participate in different places. Therefore, the number of summer camp games that have been determined to be held has dropped severely, and the scale is not large. For example, the more well-known Guangzhou New Years Star Football Club will host the "Years Cup" in the Wuhua Football Town of Meizhou in early August this year. At present, more than 50 teams have participated, making it the largest one. Even if the competition is successfully held, most of them lose money, which is very difficult for the operators.

The children participating in the training in the swimming pool are preparing for class. Photo by Liao Yi, an all-media reporter of Guangzhou Daily

  Online training is difficult to become a new feature

  During the epidemic, online sports activities were actively carried out. Sports training institutions are not reluctant to be lonely, and have opened online training. The younger brothers and younger sisters are all incarnations of coaches, teaching running, teaching fitness, teaching playing, etc. There are also professional athletes who broadcast sports skills, such as football players. Xu Liang taught how to improve free kicks, and Li Xiaoshuang taught how to exercise at home.

  For a time, experts and heads of sports training institutions were optimistic about the bright prospects of online training, and Zheng Wenbin, a senior expert in the fitness industry, was very optimistic about online training. He said that online live broadcast and online teaching will become more and more popular in the future. At the same time, home fitness will become a new profit growth point, driving a number of home fitness equipment suppliers and a number of fitness course service providers that provide high-quality online content. "There is another trend in the fitness industry this year that it will cross over to more related health industries to improve profitability. For example, there will be more and more children's fitness and maternity courses in the gym. The fitness industry will also begin this year. Embrace big data, use huge customer data, develop the value of customer data, and improve profitability. In the future, all companies must know how to embrace big data to have a future. I hope the fitness industry can seize the opportunity to take the lead in embracing big data this time. machine!"

  There are many people who are not optimistic about online training. They think that online training cannot achieve the effect of sports training. The person in charge of the Beijing Fencing Club mentioned in the previous article said frankly that online training or competition is only a last resort practice of sports training institutions or sports organizations under the epidemic. "Sports can still be confrontation through online gestures? Isn't it true? "On the sword"? Even for individual events such as track and field 100m races, it feels different between standing on the field through the screen and standing together, so online training and competitions can only be special practices during special periods and cannot be dominant. ."

  Guangzhou Asian Games shooting champion Liu Yadong also admitted that online training or competition, especially the latter, has no meaning for competition. "Even if it is our shooting sport, you can't feel any changes in your opponents, such as gestures, breathing, etc. Part of the game, your nervousness and excitement are all related to your opponents, and online games do not exist, so it is impossible to have the feeling of a game. If the competition is always played online, your heart will collapse when you compete with your opponent on the field. It's normal too."

  From the perspective of the Guangzhou football training field, the so-called online training simply does not work, at best it can only be used as a means to maintain the original students.

  "If online is possible, why should everyone be anxious to resume offline training and offline matches as soon as possible? It is enough to go online, and there is no venue, and it is simple to organize. CBA and Chinese Super League can directly compare online. Safe and labor-saving. I think the online mode is a gimmick, it is more of a means to maintain customer stickiness, because you cannot solve many offline effects." Liu Yadong said.