Panasonic's three-month settlement of accounts The first deficit for the first time in nine years due to the impact of the new Corona 19:29 on July 30

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus on sales of products for automobiles, Panasonic was in the final deficit for the first time in nine years at the end of its three-month settlement of accounts.

For the three months until last month announced by Panasonic, the Group's financial results for the first quarter were 1 trillion 391.9 billion yen, which is 26.4% less than the same period of the previous year, and the final profit or loss was 49 billion yen. It turned into a deficit of 9.8 billion yen from the previous year when it was a surplus.

It is the first time in nine years since 2011 that the final deficit for the first quarter has been reached.

This is mainly due to a decline in sales of automobile parts and video equipment for aircraft due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

In addition, Panasonic also announced an unpredictable earnings forecast until March next year, with sales of 13.5 billion yen, a 13.2% decrease from the previous year, and a final profit of 100 billion yen, a 55.7% decrease. I anticipate.

While we expect the impact of the spread to gradually recover, we expect the impact to continue in the automobile, aircraft, and housing-related businesses.

Panasonic's CEO Hirokazu Umeda, who held a press conference online, said, "We would like to strengthen our management structure by reducing costs and invest in air-conditioning and other businesses, whose sales are increasing due to the new coronavirus, and seek a structural transformation. ".