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news that the new law will go into effect starting tomorrow (31st) has not stopped calling the real estate agency asking questions. It is a law designed to protect tenants, but the tenants also feel uncomfortable and the landlords are worried as the owners.

Reporter Chan-Keun Park covered the scene.

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charter contract is renewed in the future, more than 5% will not be uploaded, and the owners will be embarrassed.

[Gangcheolsu / Seocho-gu, Seoul, realtor: gotta have if such a shape that pass me the tenant know that tax increases are, is kind many forms (charter) contract sends a notice difficult as the character]

of Refurbished landlord from found agreement for another tenant Also noticeable.

[Park Soon-ae / Seocho-gu, Seoul Authorized Broker: You are about to sign a contract in advance due to maturity. If you are a new tenant.] If the

landlord refuses to renew the contract and enters into a contract with another tenant, the existing tenant cannot request the renewal of the contract.

As it is a new contract, you can also increase the total set value by more than 5%.

Some tenants agreed to increase rents by more than 5% in the event of contract expiration, but were wondering if they could ask to re-adjust their rents within 5%.

It is possible if the law is enforced immediately tomorrow.

Last week before the lease protection law went into effect, the rent increase rate of apartments in Seoul was 0.14%, the highest since early January.

In particular, the rate of increase in the total assets of the Gangnam region was steep.

After the law is enforced, the market confusion will gradually subside, but there are many views that a decrease in the charter supply is inevitable.

[Kim Sung-dal/Director of Gyeongsil Real Estate Construction Reform Headquarters: The things that landlords turn to charter and go to rent can be accelerated. Because the harder the burden of rent (releasing), the more the landlord tends to go to the monthly rent.]

To ease the anxiety and burden of the tenants, there are many opinions that there should be an innovative way to supply public rental to replace the decrease in private rental.

(Video coverage: Dong-Cheol Kang, Video editing: Seon-Tak Kim, CG: Jin-Hoe Choi)