The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has confirmed that the testing of the Corona virus plays a major role in achieving the multiple and comprehensive approach to relaunching the aviation sector, as it is the best solution at the present time, and the most appropriate alternative to quarantine measures, to support the efforts of the return of the sector To its previous levels at the desired speed.

He called on governments, in the Middle East, to coordinate biosafety measures for travelers at the regional level with the restart of the aviation sector, in coordination with the global framework for public health protection, which was approved by the Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), within the "take off" plan that includes travel guidelines. Air during the "Corona" crisis, which the organization launched last June. IATA stated, during a briefing organized by remote yesterday, that the inconsistent application of these procedures with the addition of restrictions that do not add value, may cause the confidence of travelers to fade and hinder the resumption of air transport In the area.

IATA added that there is no obligation to impose fees on mandatory tests, as the fees are limited to only voluntary tests that travelers require.

He stated that many countries in the region witnessed tests that did not meet the standards set by the International Air Transport Association, as well as the disparity in examination requirements and costs between countries, which causes confusion for travelers.

He pointed out that 80% of the passengers whose opinion was taken according to the results of a survey previously conducted by the Federation in 28 countries of the region, which impose quarantine laws, expressed their unwillingness to travel in the event that quarantine measures remain after the flight operation is restarted, which in turn will remain Countries are in the stage of total closure, despite the opening of their borders.

Mohamed Bakri, Vice President of the International Air Transport Association for Africa and the Middle East, said: “At the moment we are witnessing some governments announcing the lifting of restrictions on aviation, which is a positive step, but we face difficulties due to some inconsistent measures and safety measures, which may cause "Some difficulties to achieve recovery for the sector."

Al-Bakri added that "imposing quarantine measures on incoming passengers keeps countries in a state of isolation from the world and disrupts their travel and tourism sector."


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) called on governments to avoid quarantine measures when re-opening their borders, by encouraging action according to a multiple approach, which includes a set of measures that reduce the risks of countries importing the virus through air transport, and to reduce the possibility of infection in cases Where people who are HIV-positive may travel, without their knowledge.

- It is not necessary to impose fees on mandatory examinations, and to limit them to voluntary tests.

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