• Social Security.Covid-19 deaths cause the first drop in the pension payroll
  • Covid-19. The number of pensions rebounds slightly after three months of falls caused by the coronavirus
  • Social Security: The pension for new retirees grows at rates of more than 10% in the midst of a crisis and now exceeds 1,400 euros

The total number of pensions rebounded strongly in July after growing by more than 12,300 and reaching 9.76 million benefits. The figure contrasts with the timid rebound of the last month and, especially, with the three consecutive reductions that the coronavirus crisis unleashed. And in any case, despite this increase, the figure is still below the levels it reached before the Covid-19 crisis.

The last record high was set in February, with 9,805 million benefits. Already that month the advance was noticeably more modest than in previous months but, even so, the trend of chaining records after record in the following months continued. In March the situation was reversed and the figure already registered a fall, behavior that would repeat itself in April and May and that, according to the Ministry of Social Security, is due to two situations directly related to the pandemic.

"They are a consequence of the closing of offices, which stopped providing face-to-face attention, and the situation of confinement, which caused many citizens to postpone their efforts with Social Security. It is also necessary to take into account, however, how the pandemic has influenced of Covid-19 in terms of mortality on the population as a whole and, to a greater extent, on the group of older people ", explained Social Security in June.

The biggest difference between the previous and current figures, according to the data that the department led by José Luis Escrivá has published this Tuesday, are registered in retirement pensions: there are still 20,800 fewer than in the month of February, which shows the strong Covid-19 impact among retirees. In addition, there are almost 10,000 less widowhood pensions and 8,000 less permanent disability. On the other hand, orphans have increased in 447 benefits.

New maximum on the invoice: 9,882 million

What has marked a new maximum is the monthly invoice, which in July amounted to 9,882 million euros. This variable has also confirmed the impact of the pandemic, with moderations and even falls such as those of the month of May.

As far as the amounts of the benefits are concerned, the average pension of the system is 1,011 euros and repeats the data from last month. For its part, the retirement pension amounts to 1,162 euros.

However, and as has already happened in the preceding months, the average benefits of new retirees entering the system is much higher. The latest data is already 1,410 euros, which represents a growth of close to 7% and which is even more striking given the complex employment context and the difficulties that Social Security is experiencing.

According to the Active Population Survey (EPA), which has also been released today, job destruction exceeded one million jobs during the second quarter of the year, which was the most affected by confinement measures. And the Social Security system has already required a bailout by the Government of 30,000 million to be able to face the extraordinary payments and also the effort that the crisis is going to demand.

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