The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has stated that it is organizing virtual tours, through its offices around the world, for foreign investors, to define the ease of doing business in Dubai, investment opportunities for companies, and promoting Dubai an ideal destination for expansion in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Chamber organized 63 virtual seminars and workshops during the second quarter of this year, and these virtual events attracted more than 3,500 local and international participants.

Attracting investments

In detail, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated that technology can be a catalyst to promote attracting foreign direct investment to Dubai, confirming that it organizes virtual tours, through its offices around the world, for foreign investors, to easily identify doing business in Dubai, and the investment opportunities available to fast growing companies In all economic sectors, Dubai's promotion is an ideal destination for international companies, to expand into the Middle East and North Africa markets.

The director of external offices in the Dubai Chamber, Omar Khan, told «Emirates Today» that “the digital transformation imposed several variables on the way and form of doing business,” considering that this transformation will not stand in the way of the Chamber to promote the business environment in the emirate, or introduce external investment opportunities For businessmen in the emirate. And that technology should be a catalyst, complementing various efforts to support the business environment in Dubai.

Business tour

Finally, Khan added, the Chamber concluded a virtual trade tour to the import and export fair in China, with the participation of 48 businessmen in the country, who wanted to know the latest Chinese services and products in the field of electronics, home electrical appliances, office supplies, medical devices, health products, and textiles. And clothing and lighting equipment, as potential sectors for import from China to Dubai, considering that the digital transformation in virtual events has become an indispensable necessity in the business world.

He pointed out that the Chamber is preparing, as well, to organize a virtual tour in the innovative technology sectors of the fast growing Indian companies in next September, aimed at attracting 15 Indian companies in the fields of financial technology and health care technologies, to introduce them to investment opportunities in these leading sectors in the Emirate of Dubai.

Khan revealed that the Chamber's office, in China, will organize a virtual promotional tour next October for Chinese companies in Shanghai to introduce the Expo 2020 Dubai, explaining that economic reality imposed the use of virtual events, which proved successful today in achieving its goals.

He pointed to the virtual seminar, which was recently launched by the Chamber, through its external representative offices in the African continent, to answer common questions for investors about doing business, how to obtain residence, banking, and choosing the appropriate advisor or partner, pointing out that the competitive advantages provided by it were reviewed. Dubai for investors, such as 100% ownership for foreign investors, in free zones and internal companies in some economic sectors, business creation packages, long-term residence visas for investors and entrepreneurs, and the availability of a wide range of e-government services, licensing services and banking services.

Khan said that the virtual seminars are an opportunity for investors to learn about the Dubai economy and the measures and incentives that were taken during the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

He called on companies in Dubai to adapt to the new business environment, whether in relation to foreign trade partnerships, or the exchange of knowledge, and to enhance opportunities for cooperation between the countries of the world and the Emirates, indicating that virtual promotion rounds and seminars witness the presence of representatives of various economic sectors of the world, where they take place Discuss business opportunities in several areas, including: e-commerce, digital trade services, and logistics services, which companies in Dubai can benefit from as they prepare for the recovery period, in the post-Corona pandemic crisis.

Virtual workshop

In addition, the Chamber revealed that it organized 63 virtual seminars and electronic workshops, during the second quarter of this year, covering all sectors and different fields of the Chamber's activities, as these virtual events attracted more than 3,500 local and international participants.

The Chamber’s external offices, located around the world, held 533 virtual meetings with businessmen interested in investing in Dubai. Also during the second quarter, offices organized 11 virtual events.

The Director General of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hamad Buamim, stressed that «(the Chamber) succeeded in turning the challenge of (Covid-19) virus into an opportunity, thanks to the advanced digital infrastructure in which the Chamber invested and enjoyed the Emirate of Dubai», considering that the Chamber has proven, During the second quarter of 2020, its ability to adapt to global conditions, and harness it to the benefit of its members and stakeholders.

3 seminars

The Dubai Chamber organized three electronic seminars on the legal effects of the spread of the (Covid-19) virus on work in the United Arab Emirates, and ((Covid-19) and the Force Majeure), and ((Covid-19) and commercial lease contracts », Amidst a heavy participation exceeded the 1000 participants in the three seminars.

Smart transformation

The smart transformation of the "Dubai Chamber" came in organizing events and meetings with the business community, representatives of the private sector and investors from external markets, within the framework of the Chamber's adaptation to global changes imposed by the spread and outbreak of a pandemic (Covid-19), as the Chamber invested in developing its infrastructure The appropriate technology for holding electronic events, communicating and interacting with private sector representatives easily and smoothly. The virtual events, seminars and training workshops aimed at enhancing the awareness of the private sector on various topics and issues related to the business environment and various economic sectors, sustainable best practices, and how to face the challenges resulting from this crisis.

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