Yu'ebao's revenue goes down——

  Instead of "post-90s" saving money "retaliation"?

  Our reporter Chen Guojing

  With the decline in Yu'e Bao's income, the "post-90s" not only did not escape from Yu'e Bao, but began to save money in a "retaliatory" manner? The "Yuebao Post-90s Post-90s Savings Report" (2020 version) recently released by the China New Economic Research Institute and Alipay shows that in the first half of the year, post-90s love to save more: the average amount of money saved per capita increased by nearly 40% compared with 2019. What's interesting is that "post-90s" tend to start saving from a small amount of money, and 60% of the savings are less than 20 yuan each...

  Saving money with Yu'e Bao has also become a saving habit of the "post-90s". Data shows that among the 700 million Yu'e Bao users, 134 million are "post-90s." There are 174 million "post-90s" in China, which means that about 3 out of every 4 "post-90s" in the country are using Yu'e Bao to save money.

  At present, the 7-day annualized rate of return of currency funds such as Yu'ebao has fallen to around 1.5% from a level of above 2% at the beginning of the year. Even so, it did not affect the pace of saving money for the "post-90s". In the context of the enhancement of Yu'e Bao's “saving money effect”, many young people who are accustomed to using Yu'e Bao have directly transformed into “basic people”. According to Alipay data, as of July 13, the number of new "basic people" on Alipay has more than doubled year-on-year in the past month, and more and more young people have achieved "advanced" financial management on Alipay. Some analysts believe that the flow of funds from Yu'ebao into the stock market is also an important reason for the clear decline in the share of money funds in June.

  The report also shows that "post-90s" girls are more inclined to save more money, which is on average 20% higher than that of boys; 60% of users who hold funds on the Alipay platform are men, and women tend to choose more than men. A more robust financial management method.

  After saving money, what plans does the "post-90s" have? Alipay data shows that "post-90s" have the habit of saving money for their goals, and the most users make travel as their goal to save money. Affected by the epidemic, many “post-90s” save money to prepare for travel after the epidemic; the resumption of movie theaters also provides a new way to switch from saving money to consumption.